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Operations Management Assignment - Individual Essay (1500 Words) (30 Marks).
Due date 24th October, 2020
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Discussthesources of riskinasupplychain ofa business(e.gStarbucks etc) that you are familiar with. Explain in detail, any three (3) strategies that should be implemented to minimise risk within your selected supply chain.
The purpose of this assessment is to improve the analysis of operations management concepts within the supply chain and design of relevant solutions.
Note: Writing must be readable with correct English Language and grammar References (Havard style) must be in English only.
Please include some references from this text book: Slack, N. & Brandon-Jones, A.(2018).Operationsandprocessmanagement:Principlesandpracticefor strategic impact (5th ed.). Harlow, Essex: Pearson Education.
Very Important! Turning plagiarism check (Must not be less than 8 0r 10% and must not exceed 18 %)

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