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Summative assessment 2 (0% completed)
Project 1
Write a report that outlines how you would implement performance monitoring and assessment in the workplace in order to provide guidance and support to staff.
Include reference to how you can:
o inform staff of expected standards
o ensure performance management is open and fair
° communicate with staff on performance and performance management issues
o provide recognition and rewards for achievements and outstanding performance
o identify the need for and organise training for staff improvement o correctly record and file performance management records
Your report should contain a minimum of 800 words.
Summative assessment 2 (0% completed)
Project 2
You are the general manager of a five star resort on a popular tropical island with a worldwide reputation for outstanding customer service.
Recently there have been several customer complaints about the service levels on the reception desk. Customers are reporting long wait times for transfers, a lack of knowledge about activities available on the island and several have left comment cards saying the attitude of the staff was poor.
The reception team has been working together for over six months with no issues. In the last month there have been two new staff members join the team, and the supervisor has left. You suspect that the two new staff members are part of the problem, plus the fact that there is no confident team leader.
Explain in 400 words how you would deal with this situation by answering the following questions:
1. How would you investigate the cause of the problem?
2. How can you use feedback and coaching to address the performance issues?
3. How would you ensure the staff members understood the issues and proposed solutions?
You have instigated the performance management steps described above, and there are still customer complaints filtering through. Provide a detailed description of the next steps you would take. (300 words)

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