Recent Question/Assignment

Due date Individual
PowerPoint 5-6 slides with or without voice over
Oct 6th
Weighting 20% individual
Type Simulated presentation of a change process to executive decision makers
Length 5-6 Slides and referenced APA style, 6-10 mins
Submission Uploaded to Turnitin Friday Oct 6th 11.59 pm
Requirements This assessment builds on your findings from assessment 2.
You are required to:
• plan a change engagement process for Anytown Art Gallery (AAG)
• design and create a PowerPoint presentation (5-6 slides) that communicates a planned change process recommended from your findings in the case (AAG) analysed in part 1 of assessment 2
• respond to the feedback provided by the marker of part 1
• apply (concepts, theories, models and/ or frameworks) evidence of engagement with the required weekly readings listed on page. 6 of the study guide.
(Page 6(weekly readings) was provided with Assessment 2 already)
Assessment 3 Based on Assessment 2 Anytown Art gallery Case study