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BSBWRT301 Write simple documents
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Section 1 – Student and Assessor Instructions
Conditions This is an individual open book assessment.
If you have any questions about this assessment please ask your teacher prior to submission.
Task Overview and/or Description Instructions
You have just been awarded the FNS40217 Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping and decide to apply for a job as a bookkeeper, prepare a cover letter to accompany your resume when applying for this position. (Please search for a job advertisement and attach to your document for my reference purposes).
You will need to:
• Use Microsoft Word and design a letter template which is in full block style with open punctuation.
• Use appropriate business fonts, characters and paragraph formatting
1. You will need to prepare a document plan for submission. This plan maybe in the form of a table.
The plan must identify the:
• Audience
• Purpose of the document
• Format of the document
• Method of communication
• Means of communication
2. Prepare a draft copy of the document – include any corrections, changes or additions, comments that you may have made when preparing the draft.
3. Then submit the final copy, with your plan and draft. This maybe in 1 document (for example page 1 is the plan, page 2 is the draft and page 3 is a copy of the email) or 3 separate documents. Either is acceptable.
Assessment Description
This assessment will demonstrate your understanding of the processes in planning, drafting, reviewing and submitting a document.
How the Assessment will be Conducted You will be asked to:
• prepare a document plan
• submit the plan and draft of your document
• submit a final copy of your document
• save your document for safe retrieval
Submission Details Before submitting please check that your document:
• Accurately conveys the message to the required audience
• Is in a suitable format
• Has been proofread for any errors in basic grammar, spelling and punctuation
Submit by:
Date due as per Unit Outline.
Section 2 – Assessment Criteria (Evidence to be Provided by the Student)
All of the required evidence within the marking guide listed below must be satisfactorily demonstrated for the task to be assessed as satisfactory.
Marking Guide
Required Evidence Satisfactory Not Submitted Unsatisfactory
1 Plan document 1.1 Determine audience and purpose for the document
1.2 Determine the format and structure
1.3 Establish key points for inclusion
1.4 Identify organisational requirements
1.5 Establish method of communication
1.6 Establish means of communication

2 Draft document 2.1 Develop draft document to communicate key points
2.2 Obtain and include any additional information that is required
3 Review document 3.1 Check draft for suitability of tone for audience, purpose, format and communication style
3.2 Check draft for readability, grammar, spelling, and sentence and paragraph construction
3.3 Check draft for sequencing and structure
3.4 Check draft to ensure it meets organisational requirements
3.5 Ensure draft is proofread, where appropriate, by supervisor or colleague
4 Write final document 4.1 Make and proofread necessary changes
4.2 Ensure document is sent to intended recipient
4.3 File copy of document in accordance with organisational policies and procedures
Feedback to Student
Feedback will be provided to you in Canvas via comments.