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Second Assignment ( Due date: Friday, 11th September 2020)
Critique of Business Information Management Tools (1,000 or 1100 words*) ( 20 marks)
Students are required to review a selection of Business Information Management Tools (usually, but not limited to, software programs).
These tools May relate to one or more of the following areas:
• Strategic planning
• Customer relations management
• Market segmentation
• Employee engagement • Benchmarking • Supply chain management • Total quality management.
The two (2) selected Software programs to be used for this assignment are
1) Oracle Supply Chain Management
2) jda. (Blue Yonder) OR SAP supply Chain
These software programs are related to Supply chain Management area (Introduction should include what Supply chain management is)
Students briefly justify their choice of tools to review and critically evaluate the uses, features and limitations of the tools chosen in light of their potential usefulness to a given business or businesses. Students also evaluate which tools are likely to be of most use to them in their current or prospective information management activities.
Criteria for Assessment
• Clear identification and justification of the range of tools chosen for evaluation – 5 marks.
• Critical insight into the uses, features and limitations of the tools identified – 10 marks.
• Sound evaluation of the tools of highest professional relevance to the student (MBA Student) – 5 marks.
This is a Turnitin assignment. All materials used must be referenced, using Havard referencing style.
Writing must be readable with correct English Language and grammar References( Havard style) must be in English only.
Turning plagiarism check ( Must not be less than 8 0r 10% and must not exceed
18 %)

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