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1500 words
Weighting: 50%
Length and/or format: 1500 words (+/-10%)
Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is for students to demonstrate the capacity to develop an ethical argument/s based on the four ethical principles: autonomy, justice, beneficence, and non-maleficence. Students will use their allocated topic to develop-^ sound ethical argumentative opinion piece.
Assignment details: During the 1st week of lectures your tutor will allocate a topic for discussion from the prescribed four options. Using the allocated topic given to you construct an argumentative essay.
Learning outcomes assessed: 1 & 2
How to submit: Electronically via ‘Turnitin’ week 6 Tuesday 1st September 2359 hours.
Late submission will attract a penalty as per ACU assessment policy
Return of assignment: Marks and feedback will be published within 3 weeks in Tumitin
Assessment criteria: Marking will be undertaken using a rubric (see Appendix 1 in your unit outline). Please include the word count of your assignment on the front page of your assignment or in a header. Please note that in-text citations are included in the word count whilst the reference list is not included in the word count. Words that are more than 10% over the word count will not be considered Please see further information in the section titled ‘Word Count’ in your unit outline.
1. Healthcare workers have a moral obligation to care for COVID19 patients and cannot object to caring for these patients.

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