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Assessment 1: Leadership Analysis
Value 40%
Length 2500 words (±10%, excluding end-text reference list)
Format Written with 1½ line spacing, Times New Roman size 12 font, and APA 6th Edition style referencing.
Due Date & Time Tuesday 08 September (before midnight)
How to Submit Electronically, via Blackboard Assessments Turnitin link
Unit Learning
Outcomes • Conceptualise the issues and outcomes of leadership behaviours and styles through analysis, evaluation, and synthesis.
• Apply relevant leadership knowledge and theory to local and global business situations.
• Communicate leadership knowledge and concepts in a clear and persuasive manner.
Course Learning Outcomes CLO1: Apply broad and coherent knowledge to a range of business situations, incorporating international/global/cultural perspectives.
Before starting this assessment, you should familiarise yourself with the leadership theories covered each week in this unit, as well as the issues facing contemporary business leaders that are discussed in class.
For this assignment, you are required to choose one (1) of the following six major leadership theories that are covered in this unit:
1. The Great Man
2. Situational Leadership
3. Servant Leadership
4. Authentic Leadership
5. Charismatic Leadership
6. Transformational Leadership
a) Identify and explain the main aspects of your chosen leadership theory, then provide an example of a leader who demonstrates your chosen leadership theory. Discuss how their behaviour illustrates the key aspects of this theory, and consider the outcomes of their leadership style. (½ of the marks)
b) The world has changed significantly in the last few decades. Identify one major contemporary challenge faced by business leaders today and then discuss how this leadership theory helps us to overcome such difficulties in the modern global business environment. (½ of the marks)
To perform satisfactorily in this assignment, consider the following:
• All aspects of the question are addressed and researched in depth.
• The analysis is thoughtful, logical, and shows insight into the subject.
• Specific aspects of leadership theory are explicitly considered.
• Relevant academic literature is referenced to support the arguments.
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• Refers to specific leadership behaviours and avoids vague generalisations.
• All aspects of the work conform to a high academic / professional standard. • Clearly written, with an effective introduction and conclusion.
Please refer to the marking rubric on Blackboard for this assessment to see criteria and performance expectations.
Feedback will be available electronically via Blackboard My Grades.
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