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The purpose of this assessment is to examine the application of Benner’s theory ‘from novice to expert’ to nursing practice. Before you start this assessment, you should review your learning materials weeks 3-6.
Provide a clear discussion on Benner’s theory “from Novice to Expert” and how it is applies to nursing practice. This discussion requires a reference list containing a minimum of 10 references.
Within your discussion:
Provide an outline of Benner’s theory
Describe the five stages of clinical competence and how nurses transition through to become an expert.
Explain the terms ‘advanced practice’
Identify the functions of a novice versus an advanced nurse
Relate Benner’s theory to the NMBA standards of practice
1. Student shows evidence of exceptional understanding and clear and adequate description of the topic.
2. A comprehensive discussion and analysis of topic provided whereby student integrates the information from a minimum of 4 peer reviewed journal articles in the discussion paper. Demonstrates exceptional understanding of the stages of clinical competence.
3.Student consistently interprets the theory in an accurate and highly insightful way and provides highly creative and unique synthesis of the application of theory into practice
4.Logical and sequential arrangement of arguments and discussions. Headings are very accurately labelled, and the information presented under the heading is consistent with the heading. Conclusion provides a very clear summary of the presentation. No new information is provided.
5. Paper contains 1-2 errors in grammar, punctuation or spelling. Paper meets APA guidelines regarding margins, font, references, etc. All content follows current APA writing guidelines.

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