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EAP0221 2020.2 Assignment 2: Essay
This assignment is worth 30% of the unit mark
Essay topic:
Effective educators encourage students to solve problems, think deeply and be responsible for their own learning. One way this can be achieved is through high level communication
Select three communication skills that educators can develop to effectively supporting learning. For each skill, provide a description, explain the benefits to students and connect to relevant references to justify your choices.
Some examples of skills you may choose include; questioning, active listening, feedback, explaining, discussing and, using non-verbal cues.
You should pay careful attention to the skills presented in the unit and use those that reflect the latest research in educator efficacy.
Essay writing skills will also be covered in this unit so it is important that you attend lectures and tutorials (on campus students) or complete workbooks and discussion board tasks (off campus students) regularly.
The following is an overview of what you need to include for your assignment. Further information and specific examples are given as you work through this unit
2. Title page using Word (or similar). This should list your name; your student number; unit code; assignment title your tutor’s name; class campus, day and time (on campus) or group number (online).
3. Header and footer on each page Include student number, name, title of unit and page numbers
4. Essay This must adhere to essay writing conventions and be a maximum of 1200 words.
5. Reference Page Must be on a separate page and follow APA referencing style
You will be supported in completing this assignment in terms of content and essay-writing skills as part of this unit. Participation in all recommended activities and readings is strongly recommended for successful completion of this assignment.
You must submit your assignments through Turnitin. This can be done via the “Assessments” tab on Blackboard. The program asks you to upload your assignment as an attachment, so all your work must be in one document. There are several formats that are accepted with most students creating the document in Word. If you have separate documents, you will need to compile them in to one PDF document.
Please familiarise yourself with Turnitin before the due date as late penalties apply after the deadline on the date of submission (5% per day late to a maximum of five days after which time a 0 mark is applied).
Students who write significantly over the word limit will be penalised up to 10% of the total marks for the assignment.
Please be familiar with the University’s definition and policy on plagiarism.
ECU referencing guide is available from the ECU library.
ALWAYS keep backup copies of your assessment items, and ALWAYS retain the Turnitin receipt that is emailed to you when the upload was successful. IT issues such as damaged computers or misplaced USBs are not grounds for assignment extensions because you are expected to begin your assignment well ahead of the due date (as recommended in the semester overview) and keep backup copies of your assignments (save to a USB or email to your own account regularly).

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