Recent Question/Assignment

I have an assignment to delivery on August 20 a Thursday Limit words 2000
Follow the description below:
Will prepare a short written scenario that describes one ethical or sustainability issue facing an organization of your choice.
_-The company I have chosen to discuss is Ferrero as they use palm oil within their chocolate manufacturing.
The scenario report will take the form of a business case, made to the senior management of the organization, recommending how the issue should be dealt with. The report will employ either stakeholder theory or values management as an analytical tool.
Structure of assignment must be done
1. Executive summary (100 words)
2. Introduction (100 words)
3. Summary of scenario (200 words)
4. Description of theory used for analysis (stakeholder theory OR values management) (400 words)For this topic follow the timetable below thats the way the teacher likes to be put on place
Your scenario should identify all stakeholders and analyse their interest, needs and the impact of the issue:
Stakeholder identification map
Stakeholder analysis
Inside of this you must add which department for the gov about the stakeholder scenario (regular bodies) Example: Regular bodies, Unions.
Time table for stakeholders is only an example you can do as a graphic, but must be something like that.
Who will be impacted
NGOS (non governmental body)
Right needs
Relation with the organisation
Future generation
5. Analysis (750 words)
6. Identification of 3 alternative solutions (250 words)
7. Recommendations (100 words)
8. Conclusion (100 words)
9. Reference list (excluded from word count)
The material attached below is the slides from lecture.
To help the expert even more the last file attached is one of example of the essay double check the last file and you will know what to in the assignment ok! Check how the person did the time table you can do in graphics, as long is like that!.
Reminder the topic is
Company Ferrero as they use palm oil within their chocolate manufacturing.
Be objective ,clearly
Do not forget the reference.
Is that possible i have the same expert from my previous assignment man200717812
He was excellent in the assignment for this subject.