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This is a digital marketing unit so everything has to revolve around digital marketing.
Analyse and recommend Digital Marketing strategies and tactics. Also, please use theories and frameworks.
Details of Task:
For this assignment you are asked to select a company of your interest. The objective of the assignment is to provide senior management of a company with a detailed repor providing recommendations for appropriate digital marketing strategies for the future, based on thorough analysis of the company’s market environment and current (digital) marketing strategie
Note: Please choose Tesla company
The report should contain the following elements:
• A brief description of the company, its core activities and the market(s) it operates in;
• An analysis of the macro, meso, and micro environment of the company, with an explicit focus on current and future general digital trends within the industry, as well as the compa s current use of digital technologies and platforms to support the overall strategy;
• Based on the above, an identification of the key areas where the customer experience can be improved using digital technologies and digital touch points;
• Evidence based recommendations for changes to the company’s digital marketing approac explicitly linking it back to how this fits in the broader strategy of the company;
• A clear and realistic action plan, including time frames, responsibilities, and budgetary considerations.
You are required to use marketing models, theories, and frameworks to structure your analyses and recommendations (e.g. SWOT, customer journey maps, etc.).
All claims need to be supported by evidence from a variety of sources. The more evidence is provided and the richer the variety of sources, the better. Reports with less than five academic sources and five other sources (industry reports, company data) are extremely unlikely to be eligible for a pass.

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