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Course Manual: Public Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers
South Africa is committed to fulfilling its constitutional obligations to deliver on citizens socio-economic rights in the context of the Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP). The RDP guidelines have informed all Government policies since 1994. In the RDP. a commitment was made to meet basic needs, invest in the economy, democratise the State and society, develop human resources, and build a new South Africa. This programme lead to the development of The National Development Plan (NDP) 2030 which was implemented on 19 February 2013.
The National Development Plan (NDP) 2030 offers a long-term perspective. It defines a desired destination and identifies the role different sectors of society need to play in reaching that goal. It also creates space where everyone embraces their full potential by their ability, education and hard work. The Plan will shape budget allocation over the years until 2030 and identifies the improvement of the quality of public services as critical to achieving transformation. Realising such a South Africa requires transformation of the economy and focussed efforts to build the country’s capabilities.
Critical success factors for the successful implementation of the plan are as follow:
• A plan for all. supported by the broader society;
• Focussed leadership to ensure a degree of policy consistency that straddles changes in leadership in government, business and labour;
• Institutional capability which requires good management, a commitment to high performance, an uncompromising focus on ethics and a willingness to learn;
• Resource mobilisation and agreement on trade-offs. South Africa has to improve the quality of spending through better planning, sound procurement systems and greater competition in the economy. There is a need for greater efficiency in all areas of government expenditure;
• Sequencing and willingness to pnoritise. Government should focus more attention on a few strategic priorities through a strategic framework;
• Clarity on responsibility where the accountability chain needs to be tightened. There needs to be systems to hold all leaders in society accountable for their conduct.
Having attended the Public Financial Management for Non-financial Managers course your supervisor has instructed you to align one or more of your organisations strategic objectives with the critical success factors and objectives of the National Development Plan 2030. The project could be an extension of an existing programme or sub-programme or an entirely new programme. You should critically assess the contributions of the Public Management Act and Treasury regulations towards strengthening good governance in your organisation.
The assignment should indicate the financial framework in which public officials operate in order to integrate the strategic planning with the budgeting process, operational plan, performance management, risk management as well as financial reporting and accountability.
Your assignment should address the following aspects:
• Background and/or introduction linking the project/programme with the NDP 2030:
• Project/programme description indicating aspects such as purpose, location, role players and organisation;
• Strategic Plan including vision, mission, strategic goal and objectives;
• Financial information showing a medium-term budget in the presenbed economic classification, costing of goods and services, expenditure management and internal control measures:
• Supply chain management;
• Performance management providing measurable objectives, related activities, performance measures and targets;
• Risk management showing prioritised nsks and related control measures;
• In-year management, monitonng and reporting actions;
• Conclusion emphasising the justification for the project/programme within the NDP 2030; and
• Source reference.
Delegates are urged to consult the vast resources available and to discuss the task with colleagues; however, an individual answer must be submitted, citing ALL sources where necessary. Length of the assignment between 10 and 12 pages (font 11. line space 1,5).
TOTAL: (100)

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