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Mode 1
• traditional, university-based
• academic audience
• pure and applied
• built upon existing knowledge
• more linear process
• limited emphasis on dissemination
• involves:
• academics
• policy-makers
• practitioners
• trans-disciplinarity
• related to context
• not easily replicated
• less linear process
• more emphasis on dissemination and exploitation
Section A
Answer following questions
Question 1 (5 Marks)

a) What is the difference between Mode 1 and Mode 2 knowledge and why does it matter in business research? (2 marks)
b) What is meant by each of the following terms: positivism and interpretivism? Why is it important to understand each of them? (3 marks)
Question 2 (5 Marks)
A retailer of children’s toys wants to learn what customers think of the range of products they offer in its mail-order catalogue. The retailer has decided to carry out a self-completion survey of its adult customers on its catalogue mailing list but they are unsure whether the survey should be conducted by post or online.
(a) Outline the benefits and limitations of each approach which the retailer is considering for this research. Illustrate your answer with examples. (3 marks)
(b) The retailer has decided to use a postal survey. Outline the steps which they could take to maximise response rates. Give reasons for the suggestions you make. (2marks)
Section B Business Proposal
Melbourne has been the most celebrated city for embracing the concept of liveability. In recent years, it has been ranked highly in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Competitiveness surveys and has been awarded the world’s most liveable city for several years. As an area gaining increasing levels of interest from governments, residents, urban and town planners, and researchers, is the issue of sustainable development, quality of life and thus city liveability. This study adds to knowledge on a topic for which limited research has been undertaken – that of the influence of the city’s liveability and motivation of international tourists on their destination experience and well being. This research will fill the knowledge gap in this important aspect of the tourism process, with the aim to identify the motives of international tourists to Melbourne being either influenced by Melbourne’s liveability status or by other more general destination attributes. In addition, to date little empirical research has been undertaken in regard to liveability and its influence on the visitor experience and Well-being. The aim of this research is therefore to examine the relationship between the city’s liveability and motivation, experiencce and Well-being of international tourists.
You are required to develop a research proposal for this research and write a report of minimum of 2,000 words (excluding the executive summary, references, and any appendices). The report should address all the elements identified above and be structured accordingly. Information presented must be based on review of the current body of literature, which means that you are required to include a reference list of at least 10 references (at least 8 being academic references, as well as authoritative statistics and reports from industry or government). This is a minimum requirement and more are recommended. These references should be as current as possible (i.e. within the last 10 years, and preferably within the last 5 years). Data available in the public domain can also be used, such as reliable on-line sources (i.e. local government newsletters, published destination information,).
The proposal should cover the following:
• Aims of the Research
• Contribution to Knowledge and Statement of Significance
• Literature Review
• Conceptual Framework and Hypotheses development
• Methodology
• Conclusion
• List of Reference

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3611 words including References

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