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Assessment Task 4: Session Leadership
Purpose: The purpose of this assessment task is for MBA students to lead an activity in class demonstrating: a concept, an idea, an issue, a theory, etc. Each student will prepare a short activity where they are to share skills and knowledge in one area of critical or creative thinking in an innovative way that could be duplicated in a workplace, community, or professional environment.
Criteria High Distinction Distinction Credit Pass Fail
Ability to design, plan and run a workshop for peers that is engaging, relevant and offers an opportunity for peer learning.
10 marks
Student has planned a well thought-out micro-workshop that is relevant to the topics of creativity and critical thinking. Workshop shows clear planning and engagement with a wide variety of materials. All activities offer opportunities for engagement by peers and learning.
Student has planned a workshop that aligns to creativity and critical thinking. The workshop has been planned well and shows an understanding of the issues. Activities support student learning in this topic area. Student has planned a workshop that explores some aspects of creativity or critical thinking. An attempt has been made to design activities that align with the topic. Some engagement by peers was observed. Student has attempted to plan a workshop, but the workshop is lacking in depth and a clear connection to the topics of creativity and critical thinking. Activities are not planned well and there is a limited attempt at engaging peers in discussion or learning. Did not meet criterion.
Demonstrates knowledge of the subject matter that helps frame the problem, encourages alternative solutions and challenges assumptions.
10 marks
A comprehensive workshop was presented that utilised relevant examples from wide-ranging resources to explore and teach this topic. Sophisticated and logical development of ideas are presented, including an ability to challenge assumptions and find solutions.
Coherently constructed workshop that draws upon relevant examples from course materials. Workshop includes a variety of ideas, including some alternative perspectives, and offers up some questions which challenge peers thinking. The workshop is presented with a sense of cohesion and is generally well structured. Some resources have been sourced to demonstrate some knowledge of subject matter. An attempt has been made to challenge assumptions of peers.
The workshop was not presented in a logical or coherent form. An attempt was made to include some resources to demonstrate subject matter knowledge, but was lacking depth. Some questions were asked of peers, but failed to really challenge assumptions.
Did not meet criterion.
Displays appropriate presentation skills, including an ability to communicate with others in a variety of ways.
10 marks
Demonstrates a superior ability to communicate with the class/audience, and the presenter/student is clearly and easily understood. Additional resources are used to great effect to enhance how information is transmitted. Demonstrates a high level of ability to communicate with the class/audience, and the presenter/student is clearly understood. Additional resources are used to support the subject matter. Demonstrates an ability to communicate clearly with the class/audience. The presenter/student can be understood most of the time. An attempt has been made to incorporate additional resources into the workshop. The presentation was not presented, and communicated, clearly to the audience. No attempt was made to use additional resources in the presentation. Did not meet criterion.

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