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Assessment Task 1: Develop an employee relations strategy
For this assessment task, you will demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary for developing an employee relations strategy. The outcome of the work conducted in this Task will contribute to the activities of Assessment Task 2 and Task 3.
In response to a simulated business scenario (Safety Traffic Co.), you will use the scenario provided below and simulated business information provided in Appendix 1 of this Assessment Task 1, to identify the company’s long-term employee relations objectives and analyse existing employee relations performance and strategic and operational plans to develop options for an employee relations strategy and policies. You will then need to evaluate these options in terms of cost–benefit and risk analysis and legislative requirements and prepare a proposal strategy for management to review.
To complete this Task, you will be required to complete a series of activities based on the role of Human Resources Manager at Safety Traffic Co.
To satisfactorily complete this assessment task, you are required to undertake each activity in the order listed below, to an acceptable industry standard:
1. Review the Safety Traffic Co. simulated business information provided on your student platform.
2. Prepare a draft proposal of an employee relations strategy. For your draft proposal, you need to do the following:
a. Please use the templates provided to you.
b. Analyse current employee relations performance of Safety Traffic Co.
c. Identify and describe three long-term employee relations objectives for Safety Traffic Co., using the template provided.
d. Develop several employee relations strategy or policy options for each of your identified employee relations objectives.
e. Identify relevant Safety Traffic Co. stakeholders for each option and include a description of how they will be consulted.
f. Evaluate each option, including:
i. a cost–benefit analysis and an assessment of risk (include a completed cost–benefit analysis and risk assessment plan template as provided.
ii. a determination of the likelihood of risk preventing the organisation meeting its objectives and the possible consequences of such an event on organisational performance.
g. Document and summarise the legislative requirements and key entities in the industrial relations system (courts, tribunals, etc.) and considerations for each option.
h. Include discussion of how your identified long-term employee relations objectives meet the needs of the organisation and how they address current employee relations issues.
3. Write a formal email to schedule a meeting for relevant stakeholders with Safety Traffic Co. to discuss your draft proposal.
4. Submit all documentation as per the specifications below. Please keep copies for your records.
Note: For Assessment Task 2, you will need to refer to work submitted for this Assessment Task 1.
Context of assessment
• This development and written component of this assessment task may be completed in a classroom, workplace, or independent learning environment.
• The role-play component of this assessment task must include interaction with others
• Submissions must be made in written form unless reasonable adjustments are approved by the RTO manager.
Decision-making rules
To achieve a satisfactory result, you must:
• Submit a draft written proposal of an employee relations strategy, including a completed cost–benefit analysis and risk assessment plan
• Submit evidence of a formal email sent to stakeholders to schedule a meeting to discuss the proposal

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