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Need to write 2-3 page essay for each of the following points. Essay needs to be double spaced. Minimum Pages: 10 (No Cover Page). Most of the points require to read a case which have been attached.
DB 1. Listing and discussing a number of typical operations that would take place in a manufacturing firm (e.g. a car assembly plant) and in the service firm (e.g. the sales department of a large travel agency specializing in organizing cruises to the Mediterranean). What are some similar and different operation management decision managers make?
Reading the article: Cambridge Cooling Systems, and address the following question.What is Boland's challenge as project manager for CCS? Examine the issue Boland has raised and analyzed the situation from Jansen's perspective.As Jansen, develop a recommendation for an appropriate communications strategy for CCSs international operations. Describe the pros and cons of your approach.
Read the article: Summit Maritime Facility Location and Layout Design, and address the following question:
1. What dilemma does Joseph face as Summit Maritime prepares to relocate its business?
2. What is meant by a service factory? What features does Joseph have in mind for the new facility?
Read the HBP Case: Exel Plc, and address the following questions.1. Why do companies outsource freight management and contract logistics to third-party logistics providers (3PLs)? Why do 3PLs perform these activities better?2. Should Exel move into joint planning with Haus Mart?
Read the HBP Case: Apple Inc, and address the following questions below.
1. Review Apple's supply chain for its iPhone product. What differences set it apart from its competitors?
2. What are Apple's key advantages in how it manages its supply chain operations? Support your analysis with data from the case study.

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