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Assessment details for ALL students
Assessment item 2 – Research report and presentation
Due date: Week 9 Friday (15 May 2020) 11:55 am AEST
Length: 30% (or 30 marks)
Max. 4000 words
This assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes as specified in the unit profile.
Enabling objectives
1. Research multiple scholarly resources to report the scientific developments relevant to the topic(s);
2. Prepare a report according to the given guidelines in the assignment.
General Information
The purpose of this assignment is to learn current scientific and industry development on the topics related to the unit content. As a group you will choose a topic from the topic list below and research on it as a team to prepare a report. You also need to prepare a case study which will demonstrate the use and influence of the topic in an industry situation. Ideally, you are working in a group of 2-3 students. In a special circumstance, you may be allowed by the unit coordinator to attempt the assignment individually, but you will lose marks allocated for effective teamwork. By doing this assignment, you will learn to use skills and knowledge of emerging developments and their use related to cloud computing and IoT.
Topic list:
• Integrating Cloud and IoT for greater outcome
• Scheduling algorithms in cloud datacenter
• Routing protocols for sensor networks
• Software-defined networking
• NB-IoT vs. LoRaWAN
• Insider attacks in IoT system
• Edge computing for CloudIoT
• Service Level Agreement (SLA) vs Quality of Service (QoS) in cloud computing
• BigData management issues in CloudIoT systems
• Data privacy in CloudIoT system
• Smart homes: tomorrow and today
• Smart City: tomorrow and today
• Smart businesses: better working through technology
• Resource allocation models in cloud
• Kubernetes and Docker
What do you need to do?
The assignment requires you to do the following -
• Create a group of 2-3 students (or work individually). Please note, regardless of
your group size (individual attempts are not allowed), you need to address all the requirements of the assignment. You need permission from unit coordinator to make any exception to this.
• Choose a topic as a group from the topic list above. Research about the topic using multiple scholarly resources (conference papers or published books or journal papers). Each member of the group needs to select and read minimum three (3) scholarly articles for this report. Except the body part, the report will be prepared based on group contributions. A generic report which do not relate to the chosen topic will receive 40 % (12 marks) upfront deduction.
• Finally prepare a report according to the given format and specifications below and submit it in Moodle. You need to submit only one report as a group. • In the cover page, the report must have a contribution section to list articles read by a specific group member. The report will be marked as a group and any conflict within the group needs to be dealt with via consultation of your tutor/lecturer one week before the submission date. If you fail to deal with the conflict on time, the entire group will be responsible for the submission.
Report format and specifications -
You are required to submit a written report in a single Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) document. You must use appropriate and authentic referencing to ensure credibility of your report. The report must not exceed 4000 words limit and any unnecessary information included in the report may result in reduced marks. The report must contain the following content (feel free to define your own sections, if you include all the required content):
• Cover page/title page, contribution section and table of contents. Make sure, you mention your chosen topic in the front page.
• Introduction
• Body of the report needs to address the following - Minimum one paragraph summary of each article which will cover – o What is the article about? o What problem did it address?
o Brief detail- how did they address it?
• Challenges or future work: this section will be written as a group which will combine challenges and future work relevant to the topic
• Current industry trends (e.g. technology or technique) relevant to your topic.
• Write a business case study which shows how your topic may help to address day to day business challenges. You will find many similar case studies in the text book specified in this unit. Please find an example business case study at the end of this assignment document.
• Conclusion
• References –All key claims and statements in your report must be backed by authentic references. The number of required references may vary across topics; however, it must be at least 10 references. Make sure you cite each reference in the text (rather than just listing the reference at the end of the report).
Plagiarism Checking Information
It is VERY important that you do not copy content directly from either the text or Internet resources: this assignment is to be in your own words. You will lose marks if you do not use your own words! Actual plagiarism will result in the instigation of the student misconduct process. On uploading your assignment for the first time you will be able to immediately see your similarity score. However, a 24-hour delay exists for the release of similarity scores for the submission of successive items (drafts).
To be clear, the delay will not apply to your first draft which will receive a Turnitin similarity score as soon as possible. This mandatory delay was implemented by Turnitin to minimise misuse of the similarity-checking service by students who were simply modifying their submissions to avoid match detection and without citing sources appropriately.
Example business case study
Marking guide:
Student Number: Name:
Marker / Date:
The report quality –
• Is the report easy to follow? Did it address all the key information required for the report?
• Is it prepared using formal report writing style such as table of content, page numbers, appropriate referencing (if any), cover page, introduction, conclusion, referencing and so on.
• Did it specifically address all the guidelines provided by the ‘Report format and specifications’ section. /3( 1 mark for each bullet point)
Body – how effectively team address points below
• Minimum one paragraph summary of each article which will cover – o What is the article about?
o What problem did it address? o Brief detail- how did they address it?
• Challenges or future work: this section will be written as a group which will combine challenges and future work relevant to the topic
• Current industry trends (e.g.
technology or technique) relevant to your topic.
/12 ( 4 marks for each bullet point)
The report does not relate to the chosen topic or did not choose a topic within the given list. /(-)12 marks
Case study -
• Relevancy of the case study with the topic
• How well the case study incorporated current industry trends and needs
• Detail and readability of the case study /6 ( 2 marks for each bullet point )
Teamwork -
• Is the report cohesive enough to show good team effort?
• Did the group manage their team well without intervention from an academic? /4 ( 2 marks for each bullet point)
References –
• Sufficient references used in the correct format (Harvard (authordate))
• References are appropriate and authentic /5( 2.5 marks for each bullet point)
Late submission deduction /5%( 1.5 marks) for each day
Total Marks: /30

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 4407 words including References

Topic -Kubernetes and Docker

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