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NIT6120 – Mobile Application Development
An Android App Assignment 1 – 2020, Semester 1
10% of your final mark
Due Date: 12th April 2020 - 23:30 Hrs
Demonstration: During week 9 Lab
Learning outcomes (LO’s) and Graduate Capabilities (GC’s) Addressed - 2, 3 and 1, 2, 3
This assignment will test your Android development skills and is worth 10% of your overall unit mark. This is an individual assignment.
The Martial Arts School trains students in martial arts and grades the students to award different belts following an examination. These examinations run at different times depending upon the level. During the examination each student is assigned an examiner.
The Martial Arts School wants you to develop a grading app for their Yellow foundation Belt program. The Yellow belt has 4 degrees viz, 1st degree, 2nd degree, 3rd degree and 4th degree. A Degree is awarded based on the scores achieved as below.
1. 1st degree – Score =24
2. 2nd degree – score = 25 and =38
3. 3rd degree – score = 39 and =59
4. 4th degree – score =60
These degrees are ranks to be earned before progressing to Red Belt. The examiner follows the table below to grade a student. At this stage for each criterion, a range of scores 1 – 5 is given for each of the criteria listed in the table.
# Demonstrate the following KaeshiWaza(self-defense techniques) Score(1-5)
1 Aggressive handshake
2 Inside wrist grip
3 Outside wrist grip
4 Both hands holding wrist
5 Both wrists held
6 Headlock side
7 Strangles front
8 Strangles side
9 Strangles rear
10 Bear hugs Behind (over arms)
11 Bear hugs Behind (under arms)
12 Bear hugs Front (over arms)
13 Bear hugs Front (under arms)
Some Expectations
1. Screen 1 - Instructor Login
2. Screen 2 - Criteria # 1- 6
3. Screen 3 – Criteria # 7-13
4. Screen 4 - Result
5. Min API level to be supported is API 21
6. The user input is safe and will not crash the App.
7. Ensure you include any images you use in your app should be in the same app Directory.
8. You should test your application on another machine before submitting.
Submission instructions
• Zip up the entire Assignment 1 folder, and any sub-folders, in which you have created your solution for this assignment.
• Name the ZIP file Surname_Firstname_studentid_Assignment1.ZIP
• Submit the zip file to Drop Box on VUcollaborate
• The solution must be an Android Studio Project.
Late submissions will be evaluated with a penalty of 5% per day for a max of one week. No submission will be accepted a week after the due date. For any special circumstances, please contact the unit convener.
• The submitted work must be your own work.
• You must keep your own work from other students.
• You may NOT view the code of other students.
• You may discuss the work with teaching staff.
• You may discuss the big picture with peers but the final design should be yours.
• You must name and code attributes and operations on your own.
• There will be absolutely no tolerance of plagiarism.
• Any person that presents any work that is not their own or is not properly referenced will be awarded 0 marks for the project.
Marking Scheme
# Criteria Max Marks Marks
Grading assessment table must be presented with four screens
2 marks
Degree awarded (Outcome) should be presented in a new screen with the achieved score. 2 marks
functionality for calculating score 2 marks
layout 2 marks
Usage of widgets (labels, buttons, etc.) 2 marks
Instructor Login 1 mark
2 retrieve student details
update student records 1 mark
1 mark
3 store/retrieve grading assessments
add comments on each grading assessments 1 mark
1 mark
4 Use of multiple relational tables to store and retrieve all data (grading assessment, instructor login) from database 1 mark
5 App Demonstration 2 marks
6 Design Project Report – 500 words 2 marks
Total 20 marks

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