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Hi this is for NUR120
This one is due 30th april as well
Part A.
Registered Nurse standards of Practice and Mandatory notifications
For each of the following, write 250-word answer.
1. You are a student on placement, and you are asked to do a set of vital signs. Once completed, you are required to document your findings accurately.
Which of the standards of practice would this fall under and why?
2. You notify your buddy nurse that the blood pressure is well outside of the normal range, and he says ‘don’t worry about it, as its normal for her’. However, you notice that the previous blood pressures have been within the normal range since admission. When you tell your buddy, they are blunt and say ‘look you’re just a first year, and I know what I’m doing. Don’t report it to anyone’.
Which of the standards of practice would this fall under and why?
3. You go back to the patient and sit with the patient. They tell you they have a headache and that the buddy nurse promised pain relief hours ago. The patient says they trust you as you ‘spend the time to get to know me’. The patient feel they can talk openly to you, however she begins to slur her words.
Which of the standards of practice would this fall under and why?
4. You again approach your buddy nurse regarding the headache, slurred words and the blood pressure. He says ‘fine, take it again’. This time the bloop pressure is higher, and the pulse has dropped. A medical emergency is called, and the patient is treated for a stroke. Her plan has changed from discharge tomorrow, to a move to ICU.
Which of the standards of practice would this fall under and why?
Answer these questions by:
• Accessing the NMWB registered nurse standards of practice
• Provide a brief summary using journal articles why this standard of practice is important.
Part B.
Mandatory notifications (1000 words)
After the patient has gone to ICU, the buddy takes you aside and says he is sorry he didn’t listen earlier. He also says that
He feels he can trust you and discloses that he’s been struggling with drug use and was using excessively overnight. He might still be drug affected, with is why he was so dismissive.
Does this situation require a mandatory notification?
Provide an essay which answers the following questions and explains the importance of mandatory notifications to protect the public and health care services.
• What would you do (one paragraph)? Even as a student nurse you have a duty of care.
• What is the difference between mandatory reporting and mandatory notifications?
• Do mandatory notifications protect the public and health care services?
Provide evidence to support your answer and peer reviewed research to justify whether such notifications support or don’t support the public and health care services.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2385 words including References

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