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Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines
Trimester T1 2020
Unit Code HS3052
Unit Title Capstone Project (Design and Implementation)
Assessment Type Group Assignment
Assessment Title Group Assignment-1: Project Management
Purpose of the assessment (with
ULO Mapping) Establish Project Management Documentation. The team will compile a project scope statement, project charter, communication plan, team contract, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), and a Gantt chart. The WBS and Gantt chart are continuously updated throughout the semester
1. Apply project planning, technical skills and methods to develop and implement an appropriate solution
2. Apply and evaluate project management skills and concepts in problem solving
3. Present the knowledge, skills and ideas acquired through results and discussion with different audience levels
Weight 10% of the total assessments
Total Marks 10
Word limit
Due Date Week 2 Friday 5pm.
Submission Guidelines • All work must be submitted on Blackboard by the due date along with a completed Assignment Cover Page.
• The assignment must be in MS Word format, no spacing, 11-pt Times New Roman font and 2 cm margins on all four sides of your page with appropriate section headings.
• Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list using Harvard style.
Prepared by: Dr Osama Dandash
Assignment 1 Specification
The team will compile a project scope statement, project charter, communication plan, team contract, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), and a Gantt chart.
Your project supervisor will discuss the Assignment requirements with you. You are responsible for reading and understanding the case study.
Forming groups:
You will be working in teams of 4 only. You will need to decide a project manager/project leader – it is the project manager who will liaise with the project supervisor (your lecturer) about issues with the project (your assignment) this is the most efficient and productive approach
Once your groups are formed:
1. Decide on a suitable meeting time for all of you
2. Decide who will be the project manager/leader
3. Project management collaborative tool to manage the assignment documents and key deliverables.
We suggest you use…
Google groups; google docs
• Provide this information to your project supervisor
• Invite your project supervisor to access your collaboration tool to enable them to monitor the group’ progress
In your groups, decide who will:
• Set up the collaboration tool
• Develop the report structure for access by all group members
• Create the team project plan and develop the GANTT chart – ready to be handed to your project supervisor in week 2’s session
4. Your project supervisor will discuss the importance of preparing the project team documentation. You will be required to complete:
• Meeting agenda
• Meeting minutes,
• Individual timesheets
What you need to submit in week 2?
1- Project scope statement
“The actual document is important to avoid any unpredicted and unpleasant occurrences, which can happen while the project is in implementation. The scope is an important statement for the project participants and for the major stakeholders.”
Project Name
Project Objectives
Project objectives include the measurable success criteria of the project. Projects may have a wide variety of business, cost, schedule, technical, and quality objectives. Project objectives can also include cost, schedule, and quality targets. Each project objective has attributes such as cost, volume, etc., a metric, and an absolute or relative value.
Product Scope
Describes the characteristics of the product, service, or result that the project was undertaken to create. These characteristics will generally have less detail in early phases and more detail in later phases as they are progressively elaborated. While the form and substance of the characteristics will vary, the scope description should always provide sufficient detail to provide later project scope planning.
Project Requirements
Describes the conditions or capabilities that must be met or possessed by the deliverables of the project to satisfy a contract, standard, specification or other formally imposed document. Analyses of all stakeholder needs, wants, and expectations are translated into prioritized requirements.
Project Boundaries
Identifies generally what is included within the project. It also states explicitly what is excluded from the project, if a stakeholder might assume that a particular product, service, or result could be a component of the project.
Project Deliverables Deliverables include both the outputs that comprise the product or service of the project, as well as ancillary results, such as project management reports and documentation. Depending on the project scope statement, the deliverables may be described at a summary level or in great detail.
Product Success
Criteria Defines the process and criteria for successful products.
Project Constraints/ Assumptions Lists and describes the specific project constraints associated with the project scope that limit the team’s options. For example, a predefined budget or any imposed dates that are issued by the customer.
Lists and describes the specific project assumptions associated with the project scope and the potential impact of those assumptions if they prove to be false.
Initial Project
Organization The members of the project team, as well as stakeholders, are identified. The organization of the project is also documented.
Schedule Milestones The customer, Project Sponsor, or performing organization can identify milestones and can place imposed dates on those schedule milestones. These dates can be addressed as schedule constraints.
Cost Estimation/Fund Limitation Describes any limitation placed upon funding for the project, whether in total value or over specified timeframes.
Risk, Responsibilities, Mitigation Strategies
Requirements Identifies approval requirements that can be applied items such as project objectives, deliverables, documents, and work.
2- Project charter
“A report of the whole scope, all the objectives, and the members who are involved in the project. It serves as an opening definition of the duties and responsibilities of the participants and a summary of the objectives of the project. It is meant to be a document of agreement between the major stakeholders, the sponsor of the project and the whole team.”
Project Name Project name
Project Manager Project manager name Organization Organization name
Sponsor Sponsor name Organization Organization name
Executive Committee that is
Executive Committee
Sponsor responsible for the project
Version number and date of this document.
Document Version and Date
Document Change Control
Revision Number
Date of Issue
Brief Description of
Project Scope
Business Need
Provide a brief overview and background information about the project. Explain at a high level what the project is to accomplish, who initiated the project and expected benefits (both tangible and intangible).
Project Goals
Identify the key project goals.
Product Description
Describe the product or service that the project is to deliver.
In Scope/Out of The scope sets the boundaries of the project. Enter those key items that are a part of
the project and those major items that will not be worked on as part of this project. This is a high level description of what is in and what is out of the boundaries of the project.
Critical Success Identify the critical success factors for the project. Critical success factors are
outcomes that must be achieved in order for the project to be considered a success.
Project Assumptions
List any assumptions made in defining the project. Assumptions can affect any area
of the project including scope, stakeholders, business objectives and functional requirements.
Project Constraints
Summarize the key constraints that will serve as limitations and boundaries for the project team in their decision making.
Project Deliverables
List the key deliverables of the project with a short description of each.
Please refer to the original document available on Bb for more details
3- Communication plan
Project Name: optional
National Center: required
Project Manager Name: required
Project Description: required
ID Communicaton Vehicle Target Audience Description/Purpose Frequency Owner Distribution Vehicle Internal /
External? Comments
0 Weekly status report Project Team Communicate updated project status Weekly John Doe email Internal & External
4- Team contract
Please refer to the original document available on Bb for more details
5- Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
6- Gantt chart
Please be prepared to show and discuss your project plan and prepare it in the form of a Gantt chart: the project plan should set out the dates of the team tasks through to completion of the assignment. To help you develop a Gantt Chart view these simple videos:
How to create a basic Gantt Chart in Excel:
How to create a basic Gantt Chart online:
Marking criteria
Marking criteria Weighting
Project scope statement 2%
Project charter 2%
Communication plan 2%
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 2%
Gantt chart 2%
TOTAL Weight 10%
Assessment Feedback:
References cts/teamcontracttemplate.docx.

A ZIP Archive with 06 files

  1. Communication plan (Word file)

  2. Gantt Chart.gif

  3. Project 1.mpp

  4. Project Charter (Word file)

  5. PSS (word file)

  6. WBS (Word file)

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