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Assignment Overview
Select a topic from the topic list at the end of this document. Research your topic and write a report analyzing the technical, social, legal aspects. For each topic your report will need to identify problems (or crimes) that may occur then recommend actions that can be taken to prevent the problem from occurring, identify the problem has occurred, what steps can be taken to remedy the problem, and what actions can be taken towards the perpetrators of the problem. Reference original laws (e.g. common law) or court cases. Provide all references (Journals, web links, etc). Where possible, identify all laws applicable in each region (Australian-Pacific, Europe, America, and Asia).
Your final report must include the following:
• Assignment Cover Page: (Use the cover sheet provided. Include the Title,
• Assignment number, Student Names and IDs, Subject)
• Title page (Name of report who it is prepared for, and authors)
• Executive summary (1 paragraph)
• Table of contents
• Body (Numerous headings and texts needed for the paper. Use the marking criteria and topic questions to help identify these headings)
• Conclusion
• References/ Bibliography (must be in Harvard style)
Report Each student is assigned a topic. The written report must describe the topic; comment on its impact on ICT and society; and, where appropriate, identify relevant laws; actions to fit the issues; and discuss preventative measures. Students will present their report to the class. (2500 words)
Topic: Virus/Worms
– What is it (Define))?
-types of viruses and features
- Classic Cases
- Legal Implication?
-Detect, Prevention? Prosecution?
-- Explain the technical implementation – how to overcome it.
- What can companies do to mitigate the risk from viruses?
- What are governments doing to mitigate the risk from viruses?
- Do the current Australian laws provide adequate protection, which laws apply?

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