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Assessment 2: Pitch of your health promotion intervention
Due date: 8 May 2020 @2pm Weighting: 20% of Semester total
Hypothetical Scenario: As part of your new role as a Health Promotion Practitioner, you are required to give a ‘pitch’ to your executive about an intervention for a health promotion issue your team have been tasked with. As part of the ‘pitch’ you will need to argue why you will need funding to evaluate this intervention.
This assessment is an oral presentation where you are required to develop an evidence-based (building from assessment 1) intervention plan to be presented as a PowerPoint presentation. You will need to ensure that your presentation is short and succinct but also presents all relevant detail such that the executive team have a clear understanding of the intervention you are proposing and why it is important, and why you will need funding for evaluation. Your presentation needs to be polished and no longer than 8 minutes.
Before beginning work on this assessment you will need to have a firm grasp of the following:
• Your chosen health promotion action (e.g. smoke-free university policy, condom use, fruit and vegetable intake) – Why do you need action in this area, and what are you planning to do that will make an impact? This is a very important part of your ‘pitch’.
• Your target group/community (e.g. refugees, teen mothers, children with disabilities)
• A setting where your intervention will be implemented (e.g. schools, prisons, workplaces, community)
• Modality (e.g. mass media, yarning circle, telephone, face-to-face, theatre program, or a combination of intervention delivery methods) and, if applicable, protocols that go hand-in-hand with implementing your intervention (e.g. 10 phone calls in a six month period, # of community engagement meetings )
• Funding for evaluation – A clear understanding of what your primary outcome will be and why you need funding to complete an evaluation of this intervention.
Remember that your proposal MUST be evidence-based, with the rationale for your intervention firmly based in the literature. Below is a guide of what some of the slides in your PowerPoint presentation may cover
PART 1: PowerPoint presentation, which must include the following slides (listed below). Title: Give your proposal an engaging title
Define/Introduce your topic:
Ensure that you clearly define your health promotion action and why it is important.
Aim and objectives
What is the target of your health promotion action? What will your health promotion action aim to achieve? (Remember this will be clearly linked to your Evaluation plan in your final assessment) Health Promotion Intervention Action:
Describe your proposed health promotion action. You could consider the following information:
• Community
• Setting
• Who is implementing the HP Action
• Modality
• If relevant: dose, duration and intensity
Key stakeholders
Consider key stakeholders that you would need to engage with to implement this HP Action. Describe when and how you would engage stakeholders?
Why you need to evaluate this health promotion action?
This is where you need to get your Executive on board with what you are proposing and why you need funding to evaluate your proposed intervention. Try and think about what the concerns/questions of the Executive might be and address them before they are raised. This would be one of the last slides in your presentation, so make it punchy.
Assessment Format
No more than 12 slides (including Title slide). Font size: minimum 14pt. Length of presentation: no longer than 8 minutes.
Please reference the evidence you use in your presentation, using APA style and then present the reference list on a final slide (which is not included in the slide count).
Recording and Submission
You will need to create a recording of your PowerPoint presentation to be submitted through
Blackboard. (see guide below). DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE BEFORE YOU DO A TEST RECORDING. Please read the instruction sheet on submission instruction and how to use Kaltura, and refer to links below.
There will be two steps you will need to cover for this presentation in terms of recording and uploading:
1) You will need to create a Desktop Recording of your PowerPoint presentation through your My Media section in Blackboard using Capture (refer to links below).
2) You will need to submit your Presentation Recording through the Assessment submission link using the Mashup tool. The link may be found in the Assessment 2 folder in ASSESSMENTS.
After clicking the submission link:
a. Click 'Write submission' to see 'Mashups' tool button.
b. Click 'Mashups' to show the drop down list, then select 'Kaltura Media'.
c. Select the presentation you want to submit.
d. Click the ‘Submit’ button.
VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure that Kaltura Capture works on your computer and that you are able to record a presentation. Make sure you have done a test run well before your assessments is due. This test recording does not need to be uploaded in the Course Gallery. For any questions, please post on the discussion board. For any IT issues you may also contact Ask IT.
Please follow the step by step instructions in following links:
Getting Started:
Recorder and Settings:

Editable Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Slide Count: 14 slides with Speaker Notes


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