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Subject Code and Title HTL201 Rooms Division Management
Assessment Final Exam
Individual/Group Individual
Length 1600 words (+/- 10%)
Learning Outcomes This
a. assessment addresses the following Subject Learning
Analyse the role of the Rooms Division Department within a variety of hospitality properties.
b. Evaluate Workplace Health and Safety legislation, risk management strategies and security procedures within the Rooms Division department.
c. Critically reflect upon the key success factors in relation to guest satisfaction.
d. Evaluate the physical facilities and assets of an accommodation property.
e. Critically assess the strategies for effective services provisions and apply to: laundry, linen supplies, uniforms and guest amenities.
f. Analyse Front Office financial reports utilising revenue management techniques.
g. Evaluate and apply Property Management Systems (PMS).
h. Evaluate the impact of emerging technology to achieve organisational objectives.
i Demonstrate skills in all Rooms Division Operations.
Submission Due by 11:55pm 2nd April 2020
Weighting 30%
Total Marks 60 marks
Please provide the following context:
• This assessment advances skills in all Rooms Division Operations and roles of Rooms Division Managers within a variety of hospitality properties.
• The assignment contains understanding of strategies for effective services provision and in relation to guest satisfaction
• The assessment prepares for professional application of how to analyse Front Office financial reports utilising revenue management techniques and applying property management system.
Mini Case Study Questions. As a guide, each answer should be approximately 400-500 words per question. Answer all four (4) of the following questions. All answers are to be completed in the exam booklet.
15mks 1. Bill has just been transferred to the 250-room Rosewood Inn as front office manager. The Rosewood Inn is a mid-price hotel. The inn was opened just over a year ago in a good market and its financial performance to date has been below expectations. Besides, there have been many guest complaints. Bill has been transferred to the Inn because he is one of the best front office managers in the HMA company.
Bill arrived at the Inn to find a front office with no direction. Employees were not well trained and turnover was high. Only one employee knew how to use the property management system completely. Employees did not know what was expected of them. The reservationists complained of getting conflicting instructions from the sales manager and the front desk manager. The previous front desk manager did not venture to the desk very often, preferring to remain in his office and produce reports for the general manager on why revenues were not meeting expectations.
Bill read through many guest comment cards and the assistant manager's log. Poor employee attitudes seemed to be a major problem, as did a lack of organization.
Finally, Bill met with various division heads and heard nothing but complaints. The housekeeping manager told Bill that she was never included in departmental meetings. The hotel accountant said that the front desk staff never financially balanced at the end of their shifts and the night audit was a disaster because of it. The food and beverage manager said he made test calls to the reservation department and they never recommended his restaurant.
With all this in mind, Bill has decided to “start from scratch- in order to meet the Inn's objectives of happy guests and employees, while producing an appropriate profit for the owners.
Develop strategies to improve friendliness, speed of check-in and to reduce turnover rate for this hotel.
15mks 2. Ms. Emily Lynn, reservations manager at the Educational Inn, is aware that a big convention is scheduled during mid-week (Wednesday and Thursday), six months in the future. As a result, all hotels in the neighboring communities are expected to be operating at 100% occupancy. Ms. Barbara Schmidt, regular corporate guest telephones the Inn and requests a single room for Wednesday night only.
Questions: How should Ms. Lynn handle this reservation? What factors should be considered when determining whether to take this reservation?
15mks 3. Peter is a new sales manager for the Harrison Hotel. Peter calls the Shaw Equipment Company to discuss the company’s annual sales conference, which is coming up in six months. The Shaw group usually has held this conference at the hotel for many years. The dates Shaw Equipment usually wants are already taken and the hotel has a contract with the other group, Marvin Manufacturing. However, the hotel has availability a week later, when there is no business on the books at all at this time.
Questions: Given this situation, what steps should Peter take now? What steps might have helped to prevent this situation?
15mks 4. Revenue Management is the act of skilfully, carefully and tactfully managing, controlling and directing sources of income. (Tranter K., Stuart – Hill T., and Parker J., 2009.) Observe the HOTEL STATUS below. Discuss how this calculation can assist with revenue management? Support your answer providing three (3) examples of how to increase revenue during the day-to-day operations within a hotel and what revenue management tactics you would employ.
Submission Instructions
1. Typed and formatted following the Assessment Formatting Guidelines and uploaded to Turnitin on time on the due date.
2. The total word count, excluding references, must be within 10% (+ or -) of the assessment word count.
3. To be submitted in electronic form as a word-processed file to 4. You are expected to refer, in the text, to a minimum of eight (8) academic journal articles which may be supported by industry journal articles or relevant textbooks, plus other credible sources as required, in order to show competency in the assessment.
5. All referencing must be in accordance with the Academic Writing Guide: APA 6th Edition on SharePoint.
6. A school assessment cover sheet to be attached to your paper
(Individual assessment cover sheet)
7. See marking rubric below, you do not need to attach this rubric to your submissions.
Assessment Marking Rubric for Assessment 2: Case Study
High Distinction
The outcome shows: Unsatisfactory performance Just satisfactory performance Good quality showing more than satisfactory performance Superior quality demonstrating
independent thinking Outstanding quality showing creativity and originality
Ability to identify and apply key concepts
(30%) Key concepts are not identified and applied in the discussion. Key concepts are somewhat identified and applied in the discussion.
Key concepts are
satisfactorily identified and applied in the discussion. Key concepts are well identified and applied in the discussion.
Key concepts are strongly identified and applied in the discussion.
Sound theoretical base /research to support strategies (30%) Lacks theoretical support/evidence in the discussion.
Poorly supported by limited theories in the discussion. Satisfactorily supported by theories in the discussion. Well supported by theories in the discussion. Strongly supported by theories in the discussion.
Critical analysis
(20%) Lacks critical analysis in the discussion. The limited critical analysis in the discussion. Critical analysis is satisfactorily in the discussion. Good critical thinking demonstrated in the discussion. Strong critical thinking demonstrated in the discussion.
Organisation/Grammar and clarity of
(20%) Incomprehensible due to poorly written
language competence or careless writing Satisfactory but with some
difficulties in
ideas Some language mistakes but a good communication of ideas, basically well written. Very well written with few minor mistakes.
Excellent writing,
which demonstrates careful revision to avoid minor mistakes.
Mark range out of 100% 0- 49.5 50 - 64 65 -74 75-84 85+
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Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1779 words including References

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