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need help with my essay. The question is:
In doing a research using secondary data what are the major ethical issues that the research field raises? The research field is : TO WHAT EXTENT CAN THE LIFESTYLE OF YOUNG CARE LEAVERS IN THE UK IMPROVED IN THE AREAS OF EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING.
Do you believe that the balance between research quality, consent and risk is being addressed well there? This essay is asking you to take the main ethical issues as outlined by bodies such as ESRC and explore how they relate to the research field. For the first part pick a maximum of 3 ethical issues that the reserve field raises and explain how this issues play out in instances of research. Try and link that discussion with an awareness of those issues in research methods literature (reliable sources please) and consider whether the issues you have raised are in conflicts or work alongside one another and do you think my field is achieving a decent in dealing with them.
Hope this explanation helps.

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