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University of Technology Sydney
Autumn 2024 - Quiz-3, Reinforced Concrete Slabs
Problem: The reinforced concrete floor depicted in Figure comprises two-way slabs supported by T-beams and L-beams. The slab is engineered to accommodate imposed dead load (1.0 kPa) and imposed live load (5.0 kPa). To meet fire and durability standards, select a compressive strength of 32 MPa, a modulus of elasticity of 30,100 MPa, a concrete density of 24 kN/m³, and provide a clear cover of 25 mm for the reinforcement. The slab thickness is 200 mm.
a) Using the “deemed to comply” provision of AS3600, is this proposed slab adequate for the serviceability limit state for deflection? If not, then suggest a preferred minimum thickness and why (2 marks).
Regardless of your decision in part (a), using the slab thickness 200 mm to determine the question as follow:
b) Show the design bending moment M*on a plane for the slab panel S1 (2 marks).
c) Design the top and bottom reinforcement required in the X-direction only for the slab panel Sl. Show the reinforcement on a plan of the panel; use dashed lines or different colours to indicate top reinforcement with N 12 bars (6 marks).