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Autumn 2024 - Assignment 2b (14 Marks) Due Date: 17th May
Question: The flat plate floor system shown in the Figure below is to be used in an office building. An allowance of 0.5 kPa is to be made for the partitions that are not deflectionsensitive. The imposed (live) load is 4.5 kPa. To satisfy fire and durability requirements, take f’c = 40 MPa, Ec = 32,800 MPa, density of concrete is 25 kN/m3 and a clear cover to the reinforcement of 25 mm. Limit the total deflection to ?/Lo= 1/250 and use Class N reinforcement.
(a) Please determine the slab depth, using the “deem to comply” provisions of AS 3600:2018. (4 marks)
(b) Design the reinforcement of the flat plate floor system in the y-direction and show the arrangement of the reinforcement. (10 marks)
Figure 1