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below is the details
Piston Pump
(except Liquid Silicone Rubber Technology)
Prepare a Report purely based on Scientific Research
The report should be maxm 15-20pages
There are no any word count limits
Question must be answered:within the report:-
1.Why is this Piston pump not used in other industries?
2.If Piston pumps are found to be used in other industries, how (explain with some supporting articles, report and research papers, reference link, etc.).
3.Which are the other pumps (except Piston Pumps) being suitable for Liquid Silicone Rubber Technology.
4.If some pumps are suitable in Liquid Silicone Rubber technology, then how? explain a bit more with supportive articles, reports, research papers, reference links, etc.
5.If not suitable, just write a short 1–2-line answer.
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