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Assessment 2: (20%) Case Study Presentation Due Date weeks 10
This assessment builds on your theoretical knowledge and tests your ability to apply this knowledge to practice.
you are required to formulate a comprehensive & detailed integrated framework of supervision and debriefing plan for one of the 4 case scenarios provided.
Video presentation (20%)
• Video presentations due in week 10
• In this presentation, you will give an overview of your integrated framework of supervision and debriefing plan according to the scenario you have been allocated. You will consider the supervisor perspective in points 1 to 4 and the supervisee perspective in point 5 with the Kadushin model in the numbered points below.
• Powerpoint presentation with appropriate visual resources.
• Timeframe: approximately 10 minutes.
In your Power Point presentation you will focus on your specific case study and outline the following:
1. Identify any legal, ethical and organisational factors that may be hindering effective supervision in relation to the case study.
2. Explain what aspects will be part of the contract and record keeping that will be used in assisting the supervisee in this case study.
3. Describe what effective communication strategies, evaluation and feedback will be employed with regards to the case study.
4. Discuss your resources to be used as relevant for this case study.
5. Using the Kadushin model plan a framework to explain how to address your education, support, administration and mediation needs if you were actually the supervisee in the case study in your next and future supervision meetings?
Oral presentation criteria Weighting 100%
PowerPoint: visual presentation is clear 10%
Clarity of concepts and structure: introduction, body and conclusion
Thoroughness, accuracy, and depth of analysis
Identification & evaluation of topic
Communication skills of presenter: tone of voice, non-verbal cues, body postures, eye contacts
Ability to retain management, attention and involvement: interactive with audience
Presentation time management
The allocated time is 10 minutes
Presentations must not exceed a maximum of 15 minutes
Total /20%