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SPRING, 2023 - Digital Marketing and Social Media Main Exam

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This is a take-home exam held on Wednesday, 15 November 2023. Exam opens at 3:30pm and closes at 6:30pm.
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H&M is a Swedish multinational clothing-retail company known for its fast-fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children. In 2018, the group’s total sales amounted to around 23 billion U.S. dollars, of which roughly 928 million U.S. dollars were generated in Sweden. The highest revenue generated in a single country amounted to 3.6 billion U.S. dollars in Germany, ahead of the United States, where the H&M Group gained a total of 2.7 billion U.S. dollars. It is present on 71 markets, while its online business is established in more than 47 countries. The H&M Group is continuously growing and counted a total of 5,076 stores worldwide in 2019. The three countries with the highest number of stores are the United States, China and Germany.
Zara, one of the main competitors of H&M, is one of the leading clothing brands in the lifestyle and retail sector. It is known for its high end fashion apparels sold at a premium price. Zara offers a wide range of products, and produces around 11,000 new product designs annually, compared to their key competitors who offer around 2000-4000. Zara has over 2000 stores all over the world and offers well designed, fast delivery of new products. Zara also keeps low inventory levels, with a turnover every 2 weeks. Zara uses its social media as a look book to show off new trends and inspire customers to buy new and completed looks. Zara has over 28 million followers on Facebook, 39 million followers on Instagram and approximately 1.4 million on Twitter.
H&M is active on social media and consistently posts on Facebook and Instagram, where it advertises its collections. H&M’s primary social media platform is Facebook, where it has more than 32 million followers, and it is used for regional marketing and branding. H&M’s Twitter account has more than 8.6 million followers, and the brand uses Twitter to showcase its products and brands. H&M has 24 million Instagram followers, and it uses Instagram not only to build brand awareness, but also inform the actual designs of its clothing in a fairly novel fashion.

The following tables present a data sample of 20 latest posts collected from the Facebook pages of H&M and Zara respectively.
Table 1: H&M Facebook
No. Type of Post Likes Comments Endorsements Post content
1 Image 400 57 no promotion
2 Image 994 49 no promotion
3 Video 243 6 yes, influencers promotion, new collection
4 Image 963 77 no promotion
5 Image 1000 33 no promotion
6 Image 996 41 no promotion, new now
7 Image 600 7 yes, influencers promotion, new collection
8 Image 1600 105 no promotion
9 Image 1100 25 no promotion, new now
10 Image 790 55 yes, influencers promotion, new collection
11 Image 984 40 no promotion
12 Image 1 100 45 yes, influencers promotion, special collection
13 Image 994 39 yes, influencers promotion, special collection
14 Image 1 500 96 yes, influencers promotion, special collection
15 Image 951 43 no promotion, celebration 25 years
16 Image 477 24 no promotion,
17 Image 787 27 no promotion, campaign
18 Image 1000 81 no promotion, campaign
19 Image 1100 39 no promotion
20 video 250 26 no promotion, coming soon

Figure 1: Product reviews of H&M on a product review website
Table 1: Zara Facebook

No. Type of Post Likes Comments Endorsements Post content
1 Image 1500 20 no organic
2 Video 653 20 yes, influencers promotion
3 Image 1200 35 no promotion, new collection
4 Video 297 6 no organic
5 Image 690 9 no organic
6 Image 1900 86 no organic
7 Image 1100 109 no promotion, new collection
8 Image 1600 40 no organic
9 Image 1700 105 no promotion, new collection
10 Image 1300 38 no promotion, new collection
11 Image 867 10 yes, influencers promotion
12 Image 1300 14 no promotion, special collection
13 Image 1000 14 no promotion, special collection
14 Image 2100 55 no promotion, special collection
15 Image 1000 26 yes, influencers promotion, celebration 25 years
16 Image 993 15 no organic
17 Image 1800 16 yes, influencers promotion
18 Image 2400 35 yes, influencers promotion
19 Image 906 2 no organic
20 Image 996 20 yes, influencers promotion, coming soon

Figure 2: Product reviews of Zara on a product review website
Q1. Considering the information and data provided in the case study, design a digital campaign plan for H&M in Australia and explain the various steps and justify your answer. [20 points; Answer limited to max 1.5 pages although 5 lines above the page limit is acceptable, 12point font, 1 line spacing, 2.54cms normal page margin setting for top, bottom, left and right hand side margins.]
Q2. Create a search engine marketing (SEM) plan for H&M based on keyword selection & planning. Justify your keyword selection and list the metrics you will use to measure the effectiveness of your SEM efforts. Present your answer in a table format only. [20 points; Answer limited to max 2 pages, 11 or 12 point font, 2.54cms normal page margin setting for top, bottom, left and right hand side margins. Page layout can be portrait or landscape. You are not required to create and provide excel graphs. For tables, you may use a font size of 11 or 12 point font.]