Recent Question/Assignment

In this activity you will meet Mrs. Aneesh Ayman, a 42-year-old woman admitted for abdominal pain for investigation. Mrs. Ayman was granted refugee status two years ago after fleeing from her home in Syria. Mrs. Ayman's primary language is Arabic, and she is of Muslim faith. Understanding Mrs. Ayman’s cultural needs is critical to the provision of safe and person-centred care.
Respond to the following questions, adhering to the allocated word count and referring to the Registered Nurse Standards for Practice and other relevant professional regulations:
1. Identify the cultural needs of Mrs. Aneesh Ayman, linking back to the scenario.
2. Provide an argument that supports why culturally safe care is required in nursing?(please note that the answer to this question is to be generalised and separate to the case of Mrs. Ayman)
This is an academic assignment; therefore, academic standards inclusive of grammar, sentence structure, paraphrasing and APA 7th edition referencing for both in-text citations and referencing apply. As this assessment is only 750 words an introduction and conclusion are not required.
• use high-level quality contemporary evidence-based literature to inform the discussion and critical analysis, date of evidence within five to seven years.
• use of the third person