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Our project is about Maximum Power Point Tracking by using Fuzzy logic. We have done that through Matlab simulation. We use PV array which diameters are below,
Parallel String 2, Series connected per string 4, maximum power 250.29 W , Open circuit voltage 36.6 V, Voltage at maximum power point 30.9 V, Short Circuit current 8.75 A, Current at maximum power point 8.1 A.

We use Buck converter to step down the voltage from 120 V to 48 V. We use a battery of 48 V, 200 Ah. What is inside the block is stated below,
In the Fuzzy MPPT block we give Voltage and Current as input and we get duty cycle as output. The fuzzy logic is mainly used here to conversion of duty cycle. We use battery charge controller to get constant volage from the battery. The Fuzzy MPPT block is shown below,

We are delaying the voltage to get dV and delaying the power to get dP. We convert dP/dV to duty cycle by using Fuzzy Logic. What is inside of that block are shown below,

It is output of our PV measurement power. After getting charged from battery, it gives 2000 W but after irradiation it has some oscillation and then it gives almost 1000 W. So, we can get almost 50% of input power from the PV cell.
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