Recent Question/Assignment

In Victoria what are the political and funding impacts to this profession (SOCIAL WORKER)?
1. How does the Victorian Government prioritise funding for this profession? (400 words + 2 reference)
2. Public vs Private? (In this part also include a graph as an example and compare the public and private aspects by using graph)
3. Does this profession have union representation? (300 words + 2 reference)
4. Salary/wages? (400words + 2 references)
5. Resource availability? (300 words + r2 references)
REFERENCE: As the information required is contemporary, please use references within the last 5 years for both in-text and reference list. APA 7 edition. Demonstrates skilful use of high- quality, credible, relevant sources to develop ideas that are appropriate for the complex issues.
This is a PPT but do it in a words doc. I’ll made slides by my own. Put please attach at least 2 3 pictures with only in text reference.