Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment 3: Essay (35%) Due Date: Friday of Week 11 Word Count: 1500-1700 words
The assessment will require you to research and review the welfare law and its application in practice for one of the following vulnerable client groups:
• Mental health inpatients requiring protection of their human rights;
• Children requiring protection from parental abuse;
• People with a disability requiring protection from discrimination in the workplace;
• Elderly requiring protection from financial abuse.
Your essay must include the following:
• Analysis of the reasons why legal protection is needed;
• Overview of the relevant principles of welfare law that underpin the legal protection;
• Critique of the current application of the law for legal protection of your chosen vulnerable gr
Your essay must be based on a review of the literature and should include at least 8 current peer-reviewed (scholarly) journal articles or book chapters. This is in addition to any textbook, websites or other references you use. You must use APA 7 Referencing.
The format of your essay will be discussed in greater detail during tutorials.
Do NOT utilise sources such and other such web materials as these in no way