Recent Question/Assignment

You should consider a situation of conflict that involves interprofessional and/or or intra-professional practice, that you have experienced or witnessed during professional practice placement. Ideally use a situation you have experienced, as this will be easier to write a deeper reflection, however if you do not have an example you may use a situation you have witnessed.
Situation that happened with me on my clinical placements; I was on my second year placements and it was the first week of the placements. I was changing the dressing of the patient who had a toe amputation, and my buddy nurse was guiding me because the wound was quite big and that was my first time doing that kind of dressing. But by the time we were doing it, the nurse in charge came, and rebuked me for not doing the dressing on my own, she said in a very rude way that you are a second year nursing student and you should do this by yourself. You should take more patient load, you are very slow. And she said all this in front of two other nurses who were attending to other patients in the same room and also the patient's wife who was there at that time. I cried a lot after coming home and felt so bad. But the next day my buddy nurse who she sat with made me feel comfortable, and asked me not to take personally what the nurse in charge said because she said that that’s her behavior to say anything straight forward especially to students because she believes it helps students to learn more.
Write a reflection of this experience, using the lens of non-technical skills we have reviewed. The reflective report should clearly use the Gibbs reflective framework to shape your report. Your response should demonstrate an in-depth reflection using the theories and concepts presented in the course. Your viewpoints and interpretations should be insightful and well supported.
Structure of answer Total word count -1000
Introduction (max 60 -70 words)and then
Description should be concise and to the point. It should be free from emotive language and does not require references. This section should be fairly short.
Feelings: should use strong feeling words which are honest, open and self-aware.
Evaluation should unpack the non-technical skills (NTS) and human factors which may have influenced or contributed to the situation and apply the literature to discuss.
Analysis should discuss the systems, processes, equipment, or tools which were in place, but failed to serve purpose or weren’t in place/available and should have been.
Conclusion should demonstrate insight into what you should have done or could do differently next time.
Reference must be APA 7th edition both in text and reference list needs to be done. A minimum of 8-10 references should be used in writing your report. Literature to support reflection: Relevant, high quality literature utilized with detailed interpretation and analysis.