Recent Question/Assignment

Word/Time limit: 650 words
References : 5
This first folio focuses on picture books for children under the age of five. Note that:
• in the context of this assignment, 'book reading' refers to reading to children from a book, rather than telling a story directly to them - which will be covered in Assignment 2B: Folio Part 2.
There are three sections that need to be completed.
• Section A is to be written in third person.
• Section B requires you to participate in a simulated ‘book reading’ experience in an early childhood setting, presenting your chosen picture book for your identified age group.
• Section C is a personal reflection which can be written in first person.
Section A: Analysis and critical evaluation of one picture book (approximately 500 words)
I have choose the very hungry caterpillar book for age group 4-5. LINK TO EYLF FRAMEOWRK AS WELL.
Begin by identifying one picture book that you might use with children under the age of five. You are not to write a story of your own, instead you should find a picture story book that is appropriate for the age group.
Include information on the book (e.g. write out the story or take screenshots of the book or provide a link to this information online) as part of an appendix at the end of your submission. Note that this appendix will not be counted in the word count for this task, although it must be included in your submission.
Your analysis and critical evaluation of the book must address the following:
• Your analysis must explain how your sample picture book fits within the conventions of this genre. Provide evidence from within the book to justify your analysis.
• Your evaluation should describe:
o the strengths and weaknesses of the book
o the usefulness and value of the book for an educational context. In your response you might consider the appropriateness for the selected age group and the use of gender-ex/inclusive language; whose voice/s are included and whose are excluded?
Section B: Simulated 'Book reading' experience (5–10 minutes)
In Weeks 5-8 you will participate in an online ‘Book Reading’ simulation via the online virtual reality (VR) training platform Mursion. This simulation will see you read the book you chose in Section A to a group of children/students within a simulated early childhood setting.
The simulated book reading experience is designed so you can gain valuable experience in practising and demonstrating techniques of effective and engaging teaching that you can apply when in real-life educational/classroom settings. This simulated experience will allow your book to be read as if in an authentic context that will require you to engage your 'audience' in such a way that leads to learning. For instance, during the simulation you might pose questions, use props or engage children in an activity. Your simulation will be recorded for marking purposes.
Section C: Personal reflection (approximately 150 words)
After you have completed your book reading Mursion simulation, take some time to reflect upon the experience. This section can be written in first person.
The following prompts might help you to write your reflection:
• How did you feel during the simulation?
• What do you think you did well?
• What do you think you could improve upon?
• What have you learnt from the simulation, and how will you apply these learnings in a real world Early Childhood setting?
• What insights about your ability to engage young learners in a book reading have you gained?