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Word count 2000
Case study: John is a 45-year-old male who weighs 110 kg and 172 cm tall. He works as a truck driver and lives with his wife and two children in their house with a substantial mortgage. John enjoys a bottle of wine with his wife over dinner every evening and a few social beers at the weekend. He doesn’t smoke. John’s father lives nearby and he need some assistance from John in relation to his medical conditions (CCF, BP(Hypertension) and type 2 diabetes).
John worries about his job since it is not regular lately and he is not able to pay his bills in a timely manner. John’s wife is not able go to work because someone needs to be around to manage school pick up and drops. John has gained a bit of weight over the years, but he is too busy to go to gym due to the nature of his work. John’s BP was 150/90 mm of Hg in the last GP visit. The doctor advised John start taking medication for high BP and said he is at risk of CVD.
• Introduction
• Analysis of scenario and risk factors (10%)
• Discuss the impact of disease on the person living with the illness and their family (You need to consider all aspects of life). (30%)
• Formulate a person-centred health promotional activities to maintain the quality of life of someone living with this condition. (30%)
• Discuss the evidence-based advantage of two medications that are used to manage this condition (for blood pressure- select two medicines (not the drug class) that will be beneficial in this scenario) (10%)
• Conclusion
To get started on your assessment task, please follow the below instructions.
1. Use high-level quality contemporary evidence-based literature to inform the discussion and critical analysis, date of evidence within ten years;
2. Minimum of 15 references are required to complete this task. Please follow APA 7th edition for an in-text citation and reference list. ( opens in new window)
3. You need to write this assessment by using academic writing skills. This means you will be writing this in third person (not I or me) and include the following structure: an introduction, body (relevant headings) and conclusion.
4. Formatting: 12 size fonts in Times New Romas or Calibri, 1.5 line spacing