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OPS 936
Advanced Project Management
Assessment- 3
Trimester 2, 2023
Directions to students This assessment is due: 30th July, 2023 (Sunday) by 5:30pm. Please submit a MS Word document via the Turnitin link on the subject Moodle site.
50%. You must achieve at least 50% in this Assessment and gain at least 50% overall in the subject to pass.
There are five (5) short answer questions to be answered.
This assessment is marked out of 100.
You must write your answer in your own words and have your full name and student number at the top of each page.
Use 12-point font of Arial, 1.5 linespacing and margins of 2 cm all round.
The answers must not exceed 1500 words overall (i.e., an average of 300 words per response). Sections of submitted work that exceed the word limit may not be marked.
Therefore, to meet this requirement, you must write your responses concisely, using only relevant content to answer each question.
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Short Answer Questions (Total: 100 marks)
1. (20 marks)
Construction Based on your Topic (Construction) Assessment 1, discuss the question listed below:
What are the benefits from the combination of ISO 9001:2015 and Six Sigma in the construction sector?
2. Explain what is meant by a task having slack. Discuss the reasons for deciding whether tasks are to be completed as-late-as-possible or as-early-as-possible. (20 marks)
3. You are preparing a project management plan (PMP) for a project where staff will get training for software being procured by the company. Explain how you would note the
long-term benefit of this knowledge to the PMP approvers. (20 marks)
4. Explain how a Process Map is used in Project Planning. (20 marks)
5. As a contractor of a project that is expected to take over a year to complete, how would you determine the dates and amounts for progress payments from the principal. (20 marks)
End of Assessment
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