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Assessment 2: Risk Assessment and Safety Planning (30%)
Due Date: Week 8
Word Count: Screening Tool + Case Study (no specific word count)
Reflection Questions : 800 words
All professionals working with victim-survivors should use the Screening and Identification Tool, either applied routinely when this is a part of their professional role or service, or when indicators of family violence are identified.
Screening is not an activity that occurs only once by a single professional or within a service. In service settings where a person has multiple contacts, it is necessary to screen over time and at each contact to ensure any changes in the relationship or use of violence is identified.
In this practical assessment, students are required to conduct a risk assessment and safety plan as per the Adult Screening Tool found in Moodle.
In addition to the screening tool, students are required to submit an accompanying Word document (with an Assessment Cover Sheet), responding to guide questions about the case study. Response to the questions is to be no longer than 800 words. (Please use references correctly when answering the reflection questions)
The following assessment elements will be provided during the trimester:
· Case study
· Screening and Identification Tool (applicable to each State)
· Reflection questions
· Assessment criteria and rubric
Risk Assessment Tool – Complete the Risk Assessment Tool
Imagine you are a Community Services Worker and Anika is sharing her story with you (the case study) DO NOT FILL OUT THE RISK ASSESSMENT TOOL USING YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCES THIS IS A FICTICIONAL ACCOUNT ABOUT ANIKA’S LIFE.
USE THE CORRECT TOOL FOR YOUR OWN STATE (Eg Perth Students use the WA tool)
Reflection Questions
In addition to the risk assessment tool, students are required to submit an accompanying Word document (with an Assessment Cover Sheet), responding to the following questions about the case study. Responses should be 800 words in total. (Please use references correctly when answering the questions below)
1. What forms of family and domestic violence has Darsh used against Anika? – provide examples
2. How has having no financial control affected Anika?
3. Violence against women has distinct gendered drivers. Evidence points to four factors that most consistently predict or ‘drive’ violence against women and explain its gendered patterns (Our Watch, 2021). Choose 1 gendered driver that is present in the case scenario and provide examples.
4. What might a community service worker in the domestic family violence area want to consider when working with Anika to provide a safe and welcoming place to have her voice heard and access to appropriate supports and services?
CASE STUDY – Please use this case study for BOTH the Risk Assessment Tool AND the Reflection Questions
Darsh and Anika grew up in the same country of origin, however, at the time they met through an online dating website, Darsh had been living in Australia for 5 years and Anika was still living in her home country with her older sister. Darsh had been married previously and divorced. Anika had been engaged at the age of 18 when her fiancé was killed in a car accident. Anika managed her grief by throwing herself into her studies and by the age of 28 she was working as a nurse in a large city hospital and earnt more than double than her husband to be.
Darsh has a 4 year old child, Ira who lives with his former wife and spends regular weekend and holiday time with Darsh. After Anika and Darsh married overseas, Darsh promptly returned to Australia and Anika applied to Australian Immigration for a joint visa with Darsh as the sponsor. When the visa was granted, Anika resigned from the hospital and travelled to Australia to live with Darsh. He told her that it would be easy for her to get a similar job in Australia when they started their new lives together as there was a shortage of health professionals in Australia.
Anika speaks fondly of her early days with Darsh. She described him as kind, respectful, loving and enthusiastic about showing her the sights of the exciting city in Australia she was about to move to. Darsh paid for herself and her older sister to visit Australia before they married booking an expensive hotel for Anika and her sister to stay in during their holiday.
Anika said that her sister was very happy she was marrying Darsh as she said it was bringing shame on the family that she was nearly 30 and not married and she hoped they would soon have a child of their own. Anika was committed to supporting Darsh in caring for Ira, and believes she made a genuine effort to build a relationship. When the child was staying with Anika and Darsh, Anika would take care of the child’s needs, prepare meals and do the housekeeping while Darsh went to work. This was not a lifestyle Anika was accustomed to having been employed and independent for many years. Anika was unable to get employment while on a temporary visa and was therefore entirely financially dependent on Darsh. When ever she raised the possibility of starting to network with health professionals or even volunteering her time to build up some references Darsh told her there was no need for her to work now she was married and she needed to focus on important things like their family.
One evening, a few months after moving to Australia, Anika raised again the subject of her returning to work as soon as her visa permitted. Darsh said that there was a problem with her visa and he wasn’t sure when it would be sorted out. Anika asked what the problem was and Darsh slapped her across the face telling her to stop raising the subject of work and that her only job was to look after him and Ira. The next day Anika had a visible bruise on her face and Darsh told her she needed to learn to respect his wishes and then this wouldn’t happen again. That evening when he returned from work he had a large bunch of flowers for Anika and didn’t speak about what had happened the previous evening.
Anika rang her sister a few weeks later after Darsh hit her again for not having his dinner ready when he returned from work early. Anika wanted to tell her sister what was happening but was reluctant to bring further shame on her family.
Darsh’s mother came to visit and stayed at their house for a week. One evening whilst she was out walking Darsh started to yell at Anika because the house wasn’t tidy. He said that Anika was embarrassing him in from of his Mother and he grabbed her and threw her to the ground. Anika hit her head on the side of the coffee table and began to bleed on the rug. Darsh screamed at Anika that she was causing more mess and she was a stupid lazy woman who couldn’t do anything right and that now he was going to have to get on his hands and knees to clean up her mess.
The following day Darsh’s Mother noticed the bruises on Anika’s arm from where Darsh had grabbed her and thrown her to the ground. She told Anika that bruises will heal and a good wife should do what ever she can to keep her marriage together and show respect to her husband as head of the household. She said that the family could not survive another divorce.
Anika was not allowed a phone of her own; instead, Darsh would give her his personal mobile while he was at work and he would use his office mobile to call her regularly through the day, checking on where she was. He had installed an app on the mobile and would question her daily movements if they didn’t match the app. Darsh gave Anika a small allowance each Monday and expected her to pay the bills and do the shopping with it. He demanded that she produce itemised receipts for everything she bought. Once when she bought a coffee whilst out shopping he told her that she could skip her dinner that night since she had overspent and he ate a take away pizza in front of her without offering her any.
One evening about 6 months after the incident when Darsh’s Mother was staying with them, Darsh began drinking heavily on returning from work and he argued with Anika and, in full view of Ira, tried to strangle her. Anika called the police but upon their arrival minimised what had occurred, not telling the police what had actually taken place.
Anika’s older sister came for a holiday and travelled to Australia with Darsh after he had been on a brief visit to their home country. Originally she was going to stay with Anika, however Darsh told his sister-in-law that Anika wasn’t coping well , was experiencing anxiety and in fact he felt she was close to a break down so it would be too much to have a visitor stay in the house and it would be better if she stayed with a family friend that lived over an hour drive away. During her 3 week stay in Australia, Anika only saw her sister twice and both times Darsh was present.
Anika continued to make an effort to look after Ira on the weekends and keep the household going despite suffering diarrhoea, headaches, muscle and back pain, and feelings of stress and depression.
One evening Darsh zoomed his parents and complained about Sita saying she was lazy and even though she didn’t work she couldn’t even clean the house properly or have his dinner ready on time. During the conversation, Anika tried to correct Darsh’s claims and explain her experience of his behaviour. Darsh called her (in their first language) a prostitute and accused her of having sex with a neighbour who had knocked on the door earlier in the evening to pass on a package for Darsh that had accidently been delivered next door . After the zoom ended Darsh picked up a coffee cup and threw it at the wall, almost hitting her in the head. Later, as he became increasingly intoxicated, he told Anika to leave his house and then moments later said she better never leave and bring shame on his family.
Recently Anika found out she was pregnant. Darsh initially seemed very happy about the news but with in weeks he was complaining that they could not afford another mouth to feed. One night when Darsh had been drinking they had another argument about the pregnancy, he told her now that she was fat and disgusting, no other man would want her, he also said her that once the baby was born if she didn’t start being more respectful to him then he would send her to live with her sister and the baby could stay in Australia. Anika yelled back that she would never be separated from her baby, Darsh put his hands around her throat and told her they would see about that. When Darsh was asleep, Anika went to the neighbour’s as she was scared, the neighbour urged Anika to contact the police, however, Anika resisted. Upon returning to the home, Darsh woke and destroyed the wedding photographs hung on the wall by smashing them in front of Anika. At this point Anika went back to the neighbour’s and the neighbour called the police.
The police initiated a violence restraining order on Anika’s behalf. The police referred Anika to a family violence service provider so her risk could be assessed and for further assistance.
***Complete the appropriate for your State – Risk Assessment Form***
Ensure all sections of the risk assessment tool are completed. If not relevant write N/A.
Criteria for essay/case study Weight 100% Areas to be covered HD D C P F
Accurate and complete completion of case study analysis questions 40% ? Questions answered & considered & answered within the parametres outlined
? Citations use as required accurately
Accurate & complete completion of the Adult Risk Assessment & Screening tool 60% ? Persuasive and sound
? All areas completed with considered responses
? Risk category & factors reflected in Risk Assessment Tool
Criteria for Essay High Distinction
80% - 100 % Distinction
70%- 79% Credit
60-69% Pass
50-59% Fail
Accurate and complete completion of case study analysis questions Demonstrates very clear and good understanding of the subject, very well effective use of outside sources, clear and concise in text citations and referencing. Demonstrates clear and good understanding of the subject, effective use of outside sources, clear and concise in text citations and referencing. Demonstrates well understanding of the subject, effective use of outside sources, clear and concise in text citations and referencing. Demonstrates adequate understanding of the subject, use of outside sources, and in text citations and referencing. Demonstrates poorly the understanding of the subject, effective use of outside sources, unclear and omitting in text citations and referencing.
Accurate & complete completion of the Adult Risk Assessment & Screening tool Completely accurate & adequate completion of Adult Risk & Assessment & Screening considering all areas in the Tool Mostly accurate & adequate completion of Adult Risk & Assessment & Screening considering most areas in the Tool Mostly accurate completion of Adult Risk & Assessment & Screening considering many areas in the Tool Adequate completion of Adult Risk & Assessment & Screening with some consideration of areas in the Tool Poor completion of Adult Risk & Assessment & Screening with little to no consideration of areas in the Tool