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Assignment 1A: Case study – Part 1
Word/time limit: 1000
Case studies depict real-life scenarios or problems that help people to consider multiple ways of looking at a problem or issue. They can also help align theory with practice.
This assignment, which consists of two parts, Part 1A and Part 1B, requires you to:
• compare and contrast traditional teaching and learning with contemporary practices
• identify, describe and justify at least one pedagogical approach to the teaching and learning of the Technologies curriculum
• examine the use of new technologies to enhance teaching and learning
• explore and analyse key Digital Technologies and Design and Technologies concepts and how they may be assessed.
This assignment requires you to analyse and develop a report based on the following scenario.
Clearwater Primary School is a relatively small community school with a student population of approximately 170 students across Foundation to Year 6. The students are grouped across four learning communities: foundation learning community; junior learning community (Years 1/2); middle learning community (Years 3/4); and senior learning community (Years 5/6). The majority of students are from English-speaking families, with 20% of students speaking a language other than English. The school has a strong connection with the Wurundjeri People on whose land the school is located.
The lack of educational materials, including very few digital resources, is a reflection of Clearwater Primary School’s low socio-economic status (SES). This has meant that traditional teaching and learning practices have been the norm throughout the four learning communities. However, a substantial amount of funding has been allocated for new technologies and resources to be purchased with the aim of supporting the teaching of the Technologies curriculum and 21st century teaching and learning practices.
For this assignment you will select ONE of the following four learning communities:
• Foundation learning community
• Junior learning community (Years 1/2)
• Middle learning community (Years 3/4)
• Senior learning community (Years 5/6).
You will then respond to the principal’s requirement of clearly identifying, describing and justifying two resources that will be required for the teaching of the Technologies curriculum in your learning community. Your justification must be based on how your selected resources will support effective 21st century teaching and learning practices, and the teaching of the Technologies curriculum for your learning community. Your response must also identify and discuss at least one suitable contemporary pedagogical approach to using the resources for teaching the Digital Technologies and Design and Technologies subjects of the Technologies curriculum.
Report structure Assignment 1A: Case study
• Introduction: (150 words)
Brief overview of the scenario:
Clearwater Primary school is a small primary school, in a low socio economic area with very few digital resources. Why is digital technology important? eg that having limited access to technology could hinder a child’s ability to participate in the curriculum and could lead to lack of workplace readiness in the future. (Support with literature)
Outline the purpose of the report:
The school has recently received some funding (you could nominate a $ amount) which is to be used to purchase resources to assist with the teaching of the technologies curriculum. This report will focus on your chosen learning community.
• Discussion (150 words)
What does this age group require? Criteria 1 and 2 here- analysing and justifyine the choices?
General overview of what the needs are for your chosen age group. You could explore the curriculum documents, Links to the AC or relevant state documents
• Recommendations: 700 words
What resources would make the most difference to this classroom? (2 resources approx. 350 words on each one)
• Criteria 1: Identifying- name the product, you could include an image here
• Criteria 2: describing – what are the features of this product and what will it help students learn/do make links to the Pedagocial approaches that you will use when using this product
• Criteria 1: justifying- why is this important? Benefits, limitations, link to Curriculum document
• References:
Curriculum link : EYLF
Australian curriculum