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Assignment 1 Guidelines
Assignment 1 Briefing Paper OUA 2_2023-1.docx
Clarify any uncertainty with your unit Convenor.
In your first assignment you will write an Ethics Advisory Briefing Paper.
You will be provided with a choice of topics with ethical dilemmas in the current context of ICT.
You must choose ONE of the topics and write an ethics advisory briefing paper which shows your understanding of the topic and concepts and uses at least one (1) of the ethical theories/principles from the INF20028 unit's Ethics Module to guide your discussion and help analyse the ethical dilemma.
A briefing paper is a -summary of facts pertaining to an issue and often includes a suggested course of action- (Developing a briefing paper 2021, p. 1).
Developing a briefing paper 2021, Manitoba Education Department, viewed 17 February 2021, to an external site. .
To help in describing the topic and analysing the dilemma, the Critical Analysis and PEAS Framework documents are expected.
Critical Analysis Framework - A very useful tool.pdf

PEAS Framework for Ethical thinking.pdf