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LCLM4006 Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
1SOO words written Business Plan template
First page:
Your first page should be the title page. You should include your program of study, module name and code, your assignment title and the lecturer’s name. In addition you should include your name and student id number. If you could add the university logo would be beneficial. Is important to present your work professionally.
Second page:
Your second page should be the table of contents. Please ensure that the pages are numbered correctly and that all fonts are the same size (paragraph headings cr text). Your second page should only be the Table cf contents
Use UWTSD library to find academic articles, books and UK government sites for statistical data.
In the next pages you should include the following sections as instructed in the assessment brief:
1. Overview of the business idea, product and/or service that your company will be offering.
Describe and provide an overview of the business idea and the product/s or service/s you will offer. Do not list all the product/s or service/s but provide an overview- for example Greek restaurant- Greek food cuisine dishes, table seating and take away service etc. Provide some relevant statistics if possible. For example, if your business was a Greek restaurant, you could research how many Greek restaurants are in Birmingham or offer a more generic data describing the restaurant industry in Birmingham or West Midlands. Offer a short critical explanation why this is a good business idea. Please cite the sources for any data you include.
2. Ownership and Legal format of the startup.
Describe the legal format of your company and provide a brief explanation why you have chosen this legal format, it would be beneficial if you could add some intext citations from the academic literature for your explanation, i.e definition of the particular legal format.
2. Management of the company (Owner, employees and the requirements for external professional service/ experts).
Briefly explain the management of the company (Owner, employees and the requirements for external professional service/ experts). Provide the names of the directors, their roles and how their experience is relevant to the business idea.
For example: Greek restaurant- Vasilios is the director and has 10 years' experience in cooking and working within the food industry. He is also completing his degree in Business management. In the same section you should identify the company's requirements in terms of number of employees and external professional services. For example: Greek restaurant would need 3 waiters, 2 chefs and for the firms to operate efficiently it would need to hire 1 accountant, 1 web designer etc
3. Explanation of the target market and the marketing strategies the company will adopt to reach their customers.
In this section you should theoretically explain your target market and the marketing strategies you will be using. Please add minimum 2 in-text citations from the academic literature for the above (use UWTSD library to find academic articles & Books). In brief, explain who your customers will be, why and what strategy the company will be adopting to reach these customers. For example, you are opening an online store that will be trading products that are more relevant to 18-25 years old customers. Therefore, your target market is the 18-25 age category but their income is usually not high, hence this parameter will affect your marketing strategies/ pricing.
4. Industry and Competitors analysis
For this section you would need to provide some data about your industry and identify some competitors, if you cannot find competitors, then you can provide some general data about the sector.
5. Funding requirement and how the funds will be used.
For this section, you should explain the possible funding sources (banks, business angels, etc.) from which you would seek funding for your business idea as well as the amount you would like. You should also give a very brief explanation of how the funds will be used.
6. Reference List
Make sure that all your references are alphabetical listed and you are using the Harvard referencing method correctly. If unsure please take a lock at the guide provided by UWTSD.
7. Other important elements to consider.
• Present your work (business plan) professionally, i.e make sure that all the headings are clear and visible, all paragraphs are aligned correctly, all the text have the same fonts, aligned and any table/ image is correctly displayed.
• Please add some images. For example, if you are writing about a Romanian grocery store, add an image of a Romanian grocery shop but remember to cite the source you have taken the image from.