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79036 Estate and Retirement Planning Assessment task 3 – Final Exam
? This exam allows you to apply legal principles to client situations and prepare simple advices.
? You will be required to demonstrate an understanding of the key legal principles underpinning estate planning law.
? In completing this assessment, you will demonstrate you understand key practice approach and procedural principles of completing estate planning engagements.
Assessment weight: 50% of overall grade Duration: 2 hours
Assessment date: 3:00pm to 9:00pm on Friday 2 June 2023
Due date and time: Before 9:00pm on Friday 2 June 2023
Students should submit an electronic copy of their answers through UTS Canvas, using Microsoft Word format accompanying the online assignment coversheet (submitting one document).
Duration of assessment: Two (2) hour at home open book assessment
? Take home assessment is to be performed within a 2 hour time period.
? Students are not expected to spend more than 2 hours to complete this take home
? Students should read the case study scenario to be provided to you. The circumstances of the client’s family are set out in the case study.
? Students are required to prepare an Estate Planning advice for the client as required in the case study.
? The case study sets out the facts relating to each of the family members, and lists a number of concerns that each may have.
? Students are expected to discuss those concerns in their assessment and indicate what advice they would give the clients relating to those concerns.
? Carefully read the question and ensure that you answer each element of the question.
? This is NOT a research assignment, and therefore there is no requirement to reference
your work or include an end reference list.
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? This assessment is required to be original individual work.
? This assessment covers all materials taught during this term, from Week 1 to Week 11
? Students are expected to cover the following issues:
a) On the facts given, you are required to identify the risks, responsibilities and concerns that these clients will need to respond to (and address) in their estate plans.
b) You are required to recommend appropriate actions, options and strategies that these clients may take to respond to these risks and responsibilities. In your answer, you should also consider how ownership of the clients’ assets might be structured to support these actions, options and strategies.
c) You are required to make recommendations to these clients of the appropriate documents to deal with their risks and responsibilities. In your answer, you should also explain what the role of each document is, in responding to these clients’ risks and responsibilities.
d) In your Estate Planning Advice, you are expected to discuss whether any other professional adviser/s might be required to work with you to complete this estate planning engagement for the benefit of these clients, and your reasons why these professional adviser/s are required.
This assessment targets:
? SubjectLearningObjectives1(Understandkeypracticeapproachandproceduralprinciples of completing estate planning engagements)
? Subject Learning Objectives 2 (Understand the key legal principles underpinning estate planning)
? Subject Learning Objectives 3 (Apply these legal principles to client situations and prepare simple advices)
? Course Intended Learning Outcomes (Legal Knowledge)
? Course Intended Learning Outcomes (Critical Analysis and Evaluation)
? Course Intended Learning Outcomes (Communication and Collaboration)
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