Recent Question/Assignment

GDECE 108 Critical Reflection of Professional Practice (2000 words) 40%
This assignment will demonstrate your reflection of specific aspects towards your teaching on the 108 placement. This reflection report will also help you to develop better understanding on evidence-based teaching and transition your teaching skills into your workplace. This assessment will need to highlight the importance of how pre-service teacher use the process of reflection to analyse and improve their work and teaching performance.
The suggested structure of Assessment 4:
1. Introduce your placement sit, and your students;
2. Introduce your role during the placement;
3. Importance of the reflection process for pre-service teacher in terms of teaching, developing and improving; you will need to make connections to EYLF and Australia teachers’ standards;
4. How did you implement reflective teaching in your 108 placement? What did you learn from your daily reflections? What did you learn by reflecting your mentor teachers’ teaching practices? What did you learn by reflecting on your students’ reactions or learning outcomes? Did you make any improvement? Did you identify your weakness during your
108 placement? Is your classroom management skill improved? Is your oral instruction skill improved? Can you promote positive behaviour from your students during your placement? While you discuss your critical reflections toward your teaching practices, please use theories, EYFL and Australia teachers’ standards to support your ideas.
5. Conclusion and improvement for your 108 placement
Please refer to planning circle from EYLF/VEYLDF/NQS(Moodle) Please refer to Educator guide to EYLF (p, 7).
Please refer to QA 1.3.2 critical reflection or Guide to NQF (p,135) to assist you with the AT4.
Some reflective questions include, but are not limited to:
• How you gather information to better understand children?
• How you implement age-appropriate and play based learning?
• How you make children’s learning and intentional teaching visible and accessible?
• What theoretical perspectives implemented in your practices?
• Whether the learning objectives achieved or not? Why yes and no? how you examine your practices- What did well and did not well based on children’s responses and action?
• How to modify your lesson plans, teaching strategies, grouping, space, materials, resources, learning environment settings, invitations to children?
• How your lesson plans reflect inclusive practices to children from diverse backgrounds, including CaLD, Vulnerable families and Indigenous children and their families.
• How you create a positive relationship with your mentor teacher and work colleagues?
• What are the biggest challenges/obstacles you encountered during your placement block and how you overcome them?
• Any strategies to support individual child?
Any strategies to extend emerging strengths, abilities, and interests?
• how documentation or information about the development of the program
shows an ongoing cycle of planning and evaluation, informing children’s
experiences in the program.