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ACC 302 Strategic Management Accounting Individual Assignment
2023 Trimester-1 Block-2
Assignment Details
Weight: 30 %
Due Date: Sunday, 21 May 2023 up to 11.59 pm
This is an Individual Assessment task
Topic: Capital Investment Decisions have a strategic role in any organisation. These decisions can make or mar an organisation as these are crucial for the very existence of that organisation. Going by their importance and long-term impact on the going concern status of the organisation as well as targeted growth/expansion of an organisation, these decisions need be taken after conducting enough research, appraisal and validation. Right from conceiving of an idea of making capital investment until is implemented, an organisation has to follow cautious and elaborative approach at each and every stage. In the backdrop of such an important role of capital investment decisions in an organisation, you are required to write an essay of 1200 words and cover the following:
1. Discuss the importance of Capital Investment Decisions
2. Process of making capital investment decisions
3. 3 methods to assess viability of capital investment proposals
4. Role of sensitivity analysis in Capital Investment Decisions.
5. Select a company who is constituent of ASX 300 index ( who has undertaken major capital investment decision in recent past and discuss how that decision has helped the company to have cutting edge in the market and increase its net worth.
How to present your assignment:
Length: 1200 words
Structure: Use essay structure (i.e., introduction + main body + conclusion + bibliography)
Formatting: Standard 12-point Times New Roman font, 1.5 line spacing and side margins 2.5 wide.
Referencing: All sources (i.e., work and ideas of others) cited and referenced using APA referencing system. You need to provide both in-text referencing and the Bibliography.