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Business Continuity Management Report
Word limit: Maximum 1000 words
Please refer to the Trusted Health Clinic Assignment Case Study for Assignment 2.
Trusted Health Clinic has accepted your initial Cybersecurity report favourably. It was tabled with the Executive and after much deliberation the current leadership team have been given a reasonable budget to improve Trusted Health Clinic’s information risk management and security posture.
You have secured the contract for the next stage of this work. Your team is to carry out the work by completing the following by the project deadline: A business continuity management report and incident response plan for Trusted Health Clinic incorporating,
1. A statement of the scope and purpose of business continuity management at Trusted Health Clinic, this should include,
a) an overarching description of the strategic importance of BCM at Trusted Health Clinic
b) recommendations on an improved approach to information governance and an enterprise information security policy for THC,
c) your response to a) and b) must evaluate the importance of these areas in business continuity management for THC.
Note: Just do “the introduction & part 1 (a,b,c)”
Do not have to do “the conclusion”