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Assignment 3: Presentation submission point
Assignment details
Word/time limit: 6 minute video (+/- 1 minute)
Weighting: 30%
Due date: 5pm AEDT Monday 8 May 2023 (Week 8)
In this unit, you will be required to use Studio for creating and submitting video content for Assignment 3: Presentation. Details on what you need to produce for the video and how it will be assessed can be found on the Assignment 3: Presentation overview page.
Submission details overview
We suggest you familiarise yourself with the Studio application. If you face any difficulties, contact your eLA. There are several capabilities and features you can use in Studio. If you wish to explore these possibilities, there are many resources available for you to explore on the Canvas Studio (Links to an external site.) (Instructure, 2021) site.
Scroll through the following for instructions on how to record your video assignment, prepare your video for submission and how to submit your assignment video.
Assignment 3: Presentation overview
For this assignment task, you are required to use Canvas Studio to create a 6-minute narrated PowerPoint video presentation based on the following scenario. Please note this scenario will provide you with the audience and context for your presentation.
Some of your colleagues are interested in learning more about the value of play in supporting a child’s mathematical development. Your team leader has asked you to present at the next staff meeting about why maths is so important and how children can develop their mathematical thinking and numeracy processes through play.
Presentation requirements
Part 1 – Mathematics and Numeracy in the world around us
Explore how mathematics and numeracy are all around us by sharing 3 examples of where we see mathematics and numeracy skills being used in everyday lives. You should provide, and explain, one example of each of the following:
I. Nature—An example of mathematical phenomena found in nature e.g. symmetry in nature as seen as in butterflies
II. Society—An example of where mathematics is applied in society e.g. engineers use mathematics to construct stable bridges
III. Personal—An example of numeracy skills used in everyday life e.g. administering medicine to children
Important note: There are lots of examples of mathematics and numeracy in the world around us so think carefully about your audience when selecting each example. Is it something that would be interesting and relevant to them?
Briefly explain each example—what it is, where it is seen and what mathematical concepts or numeracy processes are involved. Consider what the implications would be if the mathematics skills were lacking or incorrect and what consequence this might have on the situation.
Part 2 – Mathematics and Numeracy in play
Outline the importance of play in children’s development with links to relevant literature (e.g. curriculum documents and/or academic research)
Provide an example of a play-based activity. Include the following for your activity:
• A brief explanation of the activity
• Identify a suitable age range
• A discussion about the mathematics and/or numeracy being explored in your activity
• Justification linking to 1-2 contemporary perspectives for how children develop their mathematics and numeracy skills through your described activity.
On your last slide in your PowerPoint presentation, please include a reference list using APA style.
Creating your narrated PowerPoint video
To create your video, you have two options:
1. Create your slides, record your narrations and export your video all in PowerPoint for PC or Keynote for Mac, then upload your video to Canvas Studio
2. Create your slides in PowerPoint but record your narrations in Canvas Studio.
Please refer to the following Supporting resources section for assistance in creating your presentation.
Supporting resources
Please note that for this assignment we are not focusing on your technology skills, but rather on what you are saying in response to the provided scenario. Ensure that you carefully examine the criteria rubric and respond to the prompts according to the criteria that you are being marked on.
You will be using Canvas Studio for your video presentation. Canvas Studio allows for video recording and screen recording. You can choose to create your presentation through Canvas Studio, or create it using an alternative program and then upload it to Canvas Studio. It is up to you whether you would like to include your face in the video presentation, or just have a voice recording alongside the PowerPoint slides.
The following resources will assist you with completing this assignment:
• Canvas Studio tab on 0.3 How to succeed in this unit.
• Canvas Studio(Links to an external site(Student Hub Technical guide).
• Narrated PowerPoint(Links to an external site).
• Video editing and recording(Links to an external site).
• Referencing(Links to an external site).
• The 'Presentation skills' section of the Student Hub under Academic writing and presentingLinks to an external site. will also provide you with additional resources to help support you with your presentation.
If you have any concerns about the technical aspects of this task, please communicate them to your eLA as early as possible, so there will be time available to sort them out.
Submitting your presentation
Your video presentation will be submitted through Assignment 3: Presentation submission point. This submission point will provide you instructions on how to record your video assignment, prepare your video for submission and how to submit your assignment video. Don’t forget to include an APA styled reference list on your final slide within your presentation.