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Student : Sonam Choeky - S2331813
Course : Diploma of Nursing
Course Offer : 23ADONO3
Course Unit : HLTENN036 Apply communication skills in nursing practice
Assessment type : Individual Presentation
1. Various characteristics of effective relationship in nursing include:
a) Confidentiality
b) Trust
c) Self-reflection
d) Social conversation
e) Creating a therapeutic environment.
How you could apply each of these characteristics in your nursing interactions with Ben in the below scenario
Scenario 1
You are a nurse working in the medical ward. Ben Adams is a 28-year-old man who was admitted with palpitations for investigation. Ben has had no previous hospital admissions and is generally well. Ben has a history of Asthma that he has had from childhood and uses a Ventolin puffer and a preventer medication to manage this condition. Ben undertakes vigorous exercise as a basketball player. Ben has pressed the call bell for assistance as he needs to use the toilet and requires assistance with moving the intravenous pump to the bathroom.
You return to Ben's bed after assisting him to the bathroom. You notice Ben has two packets of cigarettes in his drawer. The doctor strongly recommended Ben not to smoke since it could aggravate his asthma. Ben requested you not to notify his family or doctor about this..