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Assessment details
Stage 1 requires individual input and work in order to develop a market view which will then form the strategy for trading foreign currencies and contribute to the group report in Stage 2.
Each member in a team is required to conduct independent research, outline and explain the behaviour of a self-selected pair of exchange rates over the past (i.e. your interpretation of historical data).
Each member must exclusively choose an exchange rate (information to be posted on Canvas).
You are required to do some research in order to form a view regarding the future market conditions. Do you think that exchange rates will go up or down in the next 3 to 6 months? Why do you think this? For this, you should first identify the economic factors that influence the foreign exchange rates (review the course materials). Then you should collect and use economic, financial data and recent news which are likely to have an impact on the exchange rates.
Market data must be obtained from credible sources such as World Bank, OECD, IMF databases and respective country's central bank websites. Relevant news can be obtained from Factiva database available via RMIT library.
Do not simply quote other people’s opinions. You should present your opinion and explain in your own words why you hold that opinion in a way that shows that you understand the theory behind the determination of the exchange rates. You can certainly quote evidence that supports your opinion, and this evidence must be correctly referenced (do not submit copies of your collected articles with your report). For your view you should use at least five references.
Based on your research, you must individually write up your market view about your exchange rate to be used in the first part of your group assignment report in Stage 2.
The report must be professionally presented using Times New Roman, size 12 font, double-spaced for the main text, and single spaced for tables, figures & appendices. Figures and graphs should be clearly labelled and numbered. Any information obtained from sources external should be referenced according to AGPS Harvard Style or APA style.
Assessment Task 2:
BAFI1002 stage 1 Market View Instructions S123.pdf Download BAFI1002 stage 1 Market View Instructions S123.pdf
Assessment criteria
I have picked AUD/JPY CURRANCY .
This assessment will measure:
Organisation and presentation
Currency selection and conclusion
Quality of the discussion
Theories and arguments
Feedback will be provided by the dealing session instructor on Canvas.