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This is the rubric for the Critical reflection drawn from clinical practice
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCritical reflection
Critical reflection on practice using GIBBS
10 to 6 pts
Full Marks
Uses Gibbs model that clearly shows critical thinking n the clinical example of practice
6 to 4 pts
At standard
Uses Gibbs model that shows critical thinking n the clinical example of practice
4 to 0 pts
Reflection does not use Gibbs and does not show critical thinking n the clinical example of practice
10 pts
I have drafted my description if you can check it and rewrite it please based on this information? please note that all subheadings for Gibbs have to be used.
In this reflection, I will be reflecting on my experience during my clinical practice conducted at Middlemore Hospital: Ward 11: Orthopaedics and Acute spinal. And I will be using Gibbs's reflective cycle to structure my reflections. This thinking model encourages us to think systematically about our experience during a specific situation, event, or activity. Gibbs also stated that reflecting on our learning experience allows the betterment of our performance as it is happening and improves it for the future (Learning performance, 2019).?
It was during my first week of placement, I had a patient namely Mrs W she was admitted to the ward due to a mechanical fall and L) hip pain. She previously left total hip and knee operation and was a new admission. I attended to the patient; she was awake already. I introduce myself using AIDETT, gaining consent and did my baseline Head - to - Toe Assessment and checking her vital signs. Medication was given as per charted with the direct supervision of my preceptor. I assisted Mrs W to the bathroom to have her shower since she is one assistant. She was talking so nicely, orientated and alert. After lunch, her daughter came looking for the nurse who is looking after her mother. I was standing right beside my preceptor when the daughter was complaining that her mom is fighting with her, telling her off, and she bit confused. Then I told her she was just okay few hours ago and the physio was with her 5 minutes ago and she was alert and orientated. So, we told her we will check with her mother. When I entered the room, I noticed my patient was feeling down, so I asked her what happened, she said she is feeling dizzy and weak, and I can notice that she is sweating. I sit her up on the bed and told her to do some deep breathing. Then I attended to take her vital signs. And her reading was low, same time I informed my preceptor of the result. My preceptor informed me to stay with the patient she is going to call the House Officer to review the patient. As I was with Mrs W I then asked the patient if this is the first time, she is experiencing feeling like this. She said it happened before when she is taking her medication. But I knew that we already given her medication as per charted. Then I asked her again what medication that and she is was replied it is my diabetes medication. I did my assessment when the last time was you took your diabetes medication, she last 2 days now. I same time went to get the BSL kit and take her blood sugar and it was reading low. I quickly gave her some jellybean that was in her bedside table. Then I went to my preceptor at the same time she was just wrapping off their conversation with the house officer. Then I told her what had happened. To her surprise, she said it is not even in her clinical notes that she has diabetes, and there is no medication prescribed for her diabetes. The same time the house office came charted the medication. Since the patient doesn't have any medication bedside to give, I tested her BSL again after 10 minutes and it was on the low side then my preceptor gave her hypo fit.Then finally her blood sugar increased and was within a normal range. Then we realised that we haven't done her admission assessment on the E- vitals machine. Then my preceptor told me to do the assessment and she will be standing there supervising. Before the end for the shift, I wrote our clinical notes and making sure that I included in the Evaluation section to monitor blood sugar level twice daily (BD).