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Presentation: 900 words counts
Assignment due date: Monday, 03 April 2023, 11:59 PM
Assessment 1 10 Minute Presentation
You are a social worker in a large regional hospital working as part of a multi-disciplinary team comprising of Doctors, Nurses, allied health professionals including Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Speech therapist and Dietician.
You have been asked by the head of the department to create and present a power point presentation at the next team meeting, to educate staff in key aspects of Trauma Informed Practice.
The department head has stated that your presentation must be10 minutes and comprise of 5 slides with key dot points that will prompt you to expand on in your own words.
900 Word Counts
Slide 1: Introduction to Trauma-Informed Practice
• Definition of trauma and its effects on individuals and communities
•Importance of understanding and addressing trauma in healthcare settings
Slide 2: Identifying and Responding to Trauma
•Signs and symptoms of trauma in patients
•Strategies for creating a safe and supportive environment for patients who have experienced trauma
Slide 3: Trauma-Informed Practice in Action
•Examples of trauma-informed practice
•Best practices for implementing trauma-informed practice in a healthcare setting
Slide 4: Resources and Support
•Additional resources for learning about trauma-informed practice
•Support available for healthcare providers to address the effects of trauma in their own lives.
Slide 5: References
•A minimum of 6 academic references- Harvard Referencing Styles
In order to complete this assessment students are required to create a PowerPoint presentation using the slide information provided.
To maximise your chances of a pass mark for this assignment you should
· Include 4 – 5 dot points on each slide
· A social work perspective must be evident in the presentation
· Include a reference list in the required format